Superhero Toys: Malaysian Man Creates Realistic Scenes Using Smartphones and Toys

A guy from Malaysia has gone viral because of his interesting choice of “hobby”.

The guy uses his smart phone and very acute knowledge of angles, pun intended, to create everyday scenes with superheroes. He is a collectible enthusiast, and has a wide range of collectible toys in his possession, which he uses to create these scenes.

He says that “everybody needs a hobby” and we couldn’t be more grateful that this is his!

The man also has his family – his wife and kids, to help him out with creating these hilarious scenes. They are there at a moment’s notice to take part in his hobby and make it all the more fun for his followers on Instagram.

  1. Before and After

Deadpool looks to create an image of the man and his wife on their wedding day, as they are ‘relaxing’ in their house. Looks pretty realistic, to be honest!

  1. Under Arrest Batman!

The man brought out his kids to help him arrest none other than the Dark Knight himself. But Gordon would probably have him out of there soon enough!

  1. Thor – In the Corner!

The man seems to be giving directions to the superheroes in helping his clean and renovate his place. Batman is sweeping and Thor is putting thing. In their place, of course!

  1. Green mowing greens

The big green hulking giant might just be the guy to help you mow your overgrown grass. At least that’s what this scene looks like from our point of view.

  1. Scraps of Metal Everywhere!

Iron Man and the Spider-Man are going around the block with some scraps of metal. Which is their next big project, no doubt. The guy is only willing to pay $50 though!

  1. That Look Like It Hurts

Spider-Man looks horrified as Wolverine gets his back broken, accidently, of course! The man seems to have stepped on wolverine without knowing, but oh well! He has super healing, he will be fine.

  1. You Will Be Next


The Hulk is not afraid of anyone. Not even Optimus Prime himself. After all, he has experience thrashing gods into the concrete floor. Twice at that! So yeah… the Hulk would be just fine.

  1. That Jerk!

This one is funny, as the guy walks away with Natasha Romanoff, while Ada Wong points a gun at his wife! The “jerk” apparently enjoys being in the company of these badass women.

  1. Professional Movers

The man’s favorite superhero seems to be the Hulk as he uses him the most in creating these funny scenes. In this one Hulk seems to be helping the man move his mattress up the floor.

  1. Drinks Break!

And with all the help he is getting from his superhero crew mates, he doesn’t forget to thank them with a drinks break. Also, that Hawkeye figure is just too life like. Really!

  1. Picture Perfect

Spider-Man takes a family photo of the man with his wife and kids during a celebration of sorts, while Black Widow, Deadpool and Doctor Strange make sure he is doing it right!

  1. The BatJokes We All Need (Or Not)

The Joker looks exasperated as Batman will to get up and fight again. After all – “I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you?”

  1. Tweaking Time

The man help out Tony Stark in doing maintenance for the Iron Man armors. He is lucky he gets to touch that, what with Stark’s aversion to all things human!

  1. Civil War – Part Something

A different take on Civil War as Captain America faces against none other than Superman. And Hulk is apparently back the Son of Krypton. Things aren’t looking too well for the boy from Brooklyn!

  1. Safety First

Given it’s Pandemic times, the man doesn’t forget to remind his followers, with the help of his superhero buddies about how important safety is to fight the Corona virus. Masks on, people!

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