Superheroes Who Are Much Better Off As Supervillains

Superheroes are like superheroes because of the powers they possess, so it might be interesting to consider a different angle. What would happen if you know what these same superheroes were portrayed as villains? The Justice League DC Comics series has had brief glimpses of this in the past – more notably with Batman and Joker. Most comic books typically depict him as a hero. But he can actually be portrayed as a villain, depending on what point of view you’re looking at and who your favorite superhero is. He’s cruel when he wants to be and he tends to push other superheroes to do his dirty work for him, regardless of how violent or brutal things might turn out. With that being said, here’s a list of superheroes who are much better off as supervillains –

The Flash As Supervillain

The Flash may be one of DC’s most admirable superheroes, considering his seemingly insatiable good nature and apparent dedication to the human race – even though many of his comrades in arms often have evil motivations and dark sides. Thank goodness we have TV shows like The Boys and Reverse-Flash to give us some insight into what might happen if The Flash suddenly loses all sense of care for humanity – he’ll probably wreak utter havoc across the multiverse, but also crash into others, causing them to explode on impact.

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The Flash as supervillain
DC’s Flash in comics

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one of the more fascinating Marvel comic book characters out there. He possesses an alternate dimension known as the “mystical” one, which he travels through to his will. The amount of damage Doctor Strange could be able to influence would probably make him a formidable adversary because he is so intelligent. He’s not like any other villain. Sure, he may be incredibly powerful like Dr. Doom, but Doctor Strange’s specialty is magic and that makes for a very different kind of bad guy – one that wins on occasion.

Doctor Strange as supervillain
Marvel’s Doctor Strange in comics

Daredevil As Supervillain

If you look at the movie Daredevil, you see a character who dresses like the devil. He is blind, and he uses his other senses with a baton. He helps our favorite heroes in ways they cannot help themselves. However, we are also able to realize how powerful he is by looking at how well he performs as a villain. And because of it – we start rooting for him, even though deep down inside we know that he commits crimes. Also, his skills have always been visible since the beginning of the movie. If only he used swords or knives to cut instead of hitting with his stick in the air- everyone would die.

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Daredevil as supervillain
Marvel’s Daredevil


In Flashpoint, Aquaman joins with the villains against a group of heroes that eventually brings down much of humanity. If the Atlanteans and Amazons continue their battle, they would surely become one with the Earth and perhaps bring about an end to all land dwellers. These are just a few of the examples from one episode to show what could happen if horrible tyrants like Aquaman were in charge instead of deciding for themselves how to save their world.

Aquaman as supervillain
DC’s Aquaman in comics

Superman As Supervillain

Superman is a hero that is often celebrated for his good deeds. But in Brightburn and The Boys, the Man of Steel is looked at as a villain with an evil side to him. While these stories are mostly done within the world of comics, what if such a story were explored outside of the comic? If this happened, Superman would probably be one tough villain to take down. What’s even scarier about him being on the dark side though is when you consider his considerable strength and invulnerability. Killing someone wouldn’t be very difficult for him – he could just lop off your head with just one hand.

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Superman as supervillain
DC’s Superman in comics
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