Superheroes Who Have Gone Through Insane Amounts Of Torture

Superheroes have all the luck, don’t they? They get to have great bodies, always trample on the laws of physics, and always have a grand time. It’s pretty good but it can be very hard as well because they sometimes need to manage their family and personal life while also taking care of their superhero duties by causing massive amounts of physical damage and other liabilities that come with such a responsibility. The benefits are huge though so it’s all worth it.

But just because someone wears a costume and has powers doesn’t mean that they won’t feel pain. Even the most powerful superheroes will experience their own kind of agony. Just look at Iron Man. Though Iron Man has Tony Stark’s wit and charm, he still has times when he feels lonely or defeated. And even though Wonder Woman is a princess, she sometimes feels betrayed or sad; mostly because she has put almost every aspect of her life on hold for years to protect the people she cares about. So without further discussing the pain, let’s jump into the list of 5 superheroes who have gone through insane amounts of torture in life –

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon can come across as brusque, impulsive, and a real show-off when in the presence of his teammates and friends. Underneath it all, he’s an emotional fellow who feels like an outcast and knows that he does not quite fit into the team despite their efforts to include him because he was experimented upon at some point, and still bears scars from more than one kind as a result. It doesn’t help that Rocket feels somewhat unloved for who he is since Groot is the only member of the Guardians of the Galaxy who accepts him unconditionally for exactly who he is. It’s not easy being Rocket.

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Superheroes in Marvel
Rocket Raccoon in the MCU

Captain America

Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, struggled with the aftermath of losing people he loved dearly in the past and he felt that they were never coming back. And just when it seemed like things couldn’t possibly get any worse, Steve lost another one of his loved ones and it was a major loss. With Peggy Carter’s demise still weighing heavy on his heart, Steve created a schism in the Avengers to defend Bucky’s innocence who had also been captured right before Captain America was frozen for over 6 decades.

Superheroes in MCU
Steve Rogers in the MCU

Black Panther

T’Challa, AKA Black Panther, grew comfortably in Wakanda. Things didn’t look promising for the prince when tragedy struck with the death of both his father and his uncle after a bombing at a meeting, presided over by Zemo. T’Challa was keen on avenging their deaths, instead. He soon found himself face to face with another challenge: Erik Killmonger. Erik usurped him and seized the Wakandan throne. Though he won it back, he had to go through a lot within a short period.

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Superheroes in the MCU
Black Panther in the MCU


He is a jovial and fun-loving guy, but deep down, Star-Lord got a lot of pain. His mother died when he was younger, which is why he ended up being abducted by the Ravagers. He hated his captors so much, he eventually became one himself. He learned that his father had killed his mother and was not the hero he’d hoped for. Then he found out that Gamora was sacrificed for the Soul Stone. Despite all this, Star-Lord pressed on in honor of her and never let go of a loving heart.

Superheroes in Marvel Universe
Star-Lord in the MCU


An Asgardian, Prince Thor has traversed a lot of ground since his exile with the amount of force and power. First, was to Earth as punishment for his reckless hubris and later faced the death of his beloved mother when the Dark Elves assaulted Asgard. After that, he lost his beloved father Odin, faced his dreaded sister Hela, but he also lost his trusted companion Loki before he was taken by none other than Thanos. All by this time, Thor found himself on Sakaar alone and confused before reuniting with the Incredible Hulk and then returning back to Asgard just in time for Hela and Surtur to destroy it. Finally, Thor watched in horror as Loki died at Thanos’s hands once again.

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Thor in the MCU
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