Superheroes Who Have Truly Disgusting Superpowers

You must be thinking that having superpowers would be quite amazing, right? Being able to punch bad guys, fly, control the weather or turn invisible would be pretty cool. However, we should also keep in mind that not all superpowers are equal in creation. There are a lot of superpowers that viewers wouldn’t want for themselves. A few of these superpowers are actually useless and a bit odd, or just disgusting.

Many of these disgusting powers have been owned by the X-Men, often from the 90s, when writers used to experiment with the mutations.

Growing Extra Bones

Marrow had an accelerated bone growth
Marrow had an accelerated bone growth

Marrow is a classic example of a ’90s X-Men creation, which was meant to hint that not all mutations gave cool powers. Marrow had an accelerated bone growth, due to which she couldn’t really keep control of her powers and would eventually grow shards of bone that would go on to protrude through her skin.

This is certainly a disgusting superpower to have, although it became a bit less disgusting after she learned how to control it.

Acid Vomit

Axel Cluney
Axel Cluney

Zeitgeist, also known as Axel Cluney, was a mutant who had the mutant power of actually vomiting an acidic ooze. This vomit had the ability to dissolve any substance in the whole world. As a result of this, Axel had to wear a protective mask all the time, only to avoid an accident where he dissolves things by mistake.

Moreover, Axel was also tormented by nightmares. These nightmares just got worse after he spewed his own acidic vomit onto a girl he was kissing, leaving that part of her burned.

Eyes On Your Fingers

The terrible Ten-Eyed Man
The terrible Ten-Eyed Man – Batman’s greatest nemesis!

Eye Boy is not the only character in comics to have more eyes than one should have. Batman‘s villain known as Ten-Eyed Man had an eye each at the end of his fingers. An unfortunate accident left him with just these eyes, which looks like a really inconvenient way to navigate the whole world.

In the DC comics, his eye-fingers made him a brilliant marksman and fighter, but having eyes in your fingers still looks like a disgusting superpower. After the death of the original Ten-Eyed Man, another version came to torment Batman for some time, but this villain was fake; with his extra eyes tattooed on.

Matter Eating Is Always Nasty

John Cena's Peacemaker meet Matter-Eater Lad
John Cena’s Peacemaker meets Matter-Eater Lad

In the Legion of Super-Heroes, we have seen some fantastic members over the past few years, but the team has also had its share of strange members too. Among the slightly odd members remains Matter-Eater Lad.

Being a native of the planet Bismoll, where microbes had made their food inedible, the inhabitants alongside Matter-Eater Lad evolved to eat all matter as a result of a survival mechanism. This meant that Matter-Eater Lad can actually eat any substance.

Seductive Pheromones Are Quite Skeevy

Thanos’ Brother Eros, also known as Starfox
Thanos’ Brother Eros, also known as Starfox

Most of the disgusting powers are usually disgusting in a physical way; limbs dropping off, vomit, and having extra eyes. But, there are also a few powers that are actually disgusting in an unusual way – and Starfox is the owner of powers like this.

Starfox has the ability to stimulate the pleasure centers in the mind of those who are present around him. He is always using this power, which makes others feel good, and it is used to magnify those feelings around you, only to provoke extreme sensations, making people highly euphoric, aroused, or sedated. Having powers like these is really creepy.

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