Superheroes With Realistic, Day to Day Body Types

Superheroes spend hours training and honing their skills and bodies. However has visualized superheroes with realistic body types, giving regular people heroes and images that they can aspire.

Jean Grey and Psylocke

Two of X-Men’s most celebrated members get very interesting visualizations. Psylocke and Jean Grey are reimagined with more realistic body types, ready to take on evil, whenever necessary.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman A feminist icon that has soared through the pages of comic books and inspired millions of women around the world. Here she is giving hope to millions of people with a much more relatable avatar.



The Dark Knight has terrorized criminals and given the people of Gotham a protector. Batman can be anyone right? Here he is looking like an average joe, making us all feel like superheros.

Captain America

He is power, he’s an ace and he’ll punch fascism in the face. Here’s an interesting take on Captain America, proving you don’t always need to be buff, to take on fascism and injustice.

Black Widow


Who said curvy can’t be deadly? Here’s the Black Widow looking mighty powerful, about to take on HYDRA or any other espionage organization.


Rogue’s abilities are beyond amazing in a fight, able to turn the tide in battle in a pinch. Rogue is reimagined here in a much more familiar form to everyday people.


Iron Man

Here’s Tony Stark. He doesn’t have to be buff to run that wonderful technology and that suit. It just goes to show that anyone can wear the suit and be a superhero.

Power Girl

Ah yes, Power Girl‘s infamous clevage window has been a subject of controversy. Here she is looking much more realistic and relatable, showing people that anyone can be capable of great power.


Catwoman is a beloved DC character and anti-her. She’s given a bit of a realstic upgrade here while taking down some thugs who threaten the streets of Gotham.


Storm, one of the most recognizable X-men looks much more commanding in this realistic reimagining of he goddess of the storm.

Black Cat

Spider-Man’s constantly ally Black Cat is given a more realistic upgrade in this reimagined cover. She looks like a realistic woman on the run from her past.


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