SuperHeroes Without Superpowers Who Can Beat Batman

If there had ever been a superhero that made it cool not to have superpowers, it would be Batman. The Caped Crusader made his acting debut when their extraordinary and superhuman attributes characterized superheroes.

Without a single power, his steady heroism helped make him a symbol of comic book culture and paved the way for other superheroes without superpowers to be incorporated into the industry. Some of these superheroes without superpowers might be able to defeat the original powerless hero in a fight.

Black Widow

Black Widow vs. Batman

As far as the ability to stealth, combat, and gadgetry is concerned. Black Widow and Batman are more or less equally matched. Fight-wise, Batman should be able to take the Widow since he has the benefit of strength.
The distinction between these two tech specialists is that Black Widow’s gadgets are created to kill. Whether it’s the guns in her holsters or the bullets that fire from her wrists.  All it takes is one tender trigger finger from her to bring an early end to the fight.

The Punisher

Batman vs. The Punisher

The Punisher would be Batman if Bruce Wayne chose to take his tragedy down a much, much darker path. Punisher is relentless in a way that, unlike Batman. Though equally skilled in fighting, he is determined to end the fight only when one of them stops breathing.

This is certainly not a comparison anyone expected to read, but for the same purposes that Hit-Girl would have taken down Batman, Punisher might have punished The Dark Knight in the same way.

Iron Man

Batman vs. Iron Man

Tony Stark has always been treated as Marvel’s version of Batman with a little additional charm, but he can beat the real deal. The most significant edge for him is his high-tech and heavily armored Iron Man


One might argue that Batman has an armored suit of his own to counterattack Stark, but for the sake of practicality, consider that Batman has nothing but his regular costume on hand.

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Hit- Girl vs. Kick Ass comic

A while back, 12 years after Mark Miller’s breakout hit, Kick-Ass hit the stands and ten years after the film adaptation became a cult classic, everyone’s favorite homicidal Hit-Girl returned to screens with the Kick-Ass Vs. Hit-Girl mini-series. For the very first time in almost a decade, seeing her unleash her fury reminded fans of how ruthless she could be.

That’s precisely the kind of cruelty that would be needed to defeat Batman in a fight.

Booster Gold

Booster Gold and Batman in Justice League Action in DC Kids.

Like Batman, Booster Gold is just an ordinary, powerless guy who has a high tech suit on his side. What’s the difference? Booster Gold’s suit is from the 25th century.

Without even since Batman’s gadgets can not keep up with Booster’s much more advanced technology, Booster also has the benefit of having a tech that gives him super cool tricks like force fields and time travel.


Source : CBR , Comic Vine 

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