Superman and Lois: 10 Characters From The DC Universe Who Should Be On The Show

The DC universe brought a feast for all DC fans out there who’ve been shipping Lois Lane and Superman for years. DC’s most famous and most prominent couple is coming on their show on TV. Their family drama, along with the twins, is all set to be premiered. But who are the characters that should swoop their way into the storyline? We’ve made a list of names that should be in the show, dive in!

1. Lana Lang: Clark’s High School Love

The appearance of Lana Lang has already been confirmed and is going to be played by Emmanuelle Chriqui. Lana and Clark were together in high school. After not seeing each other for many years, they are now going to be living in each others’ vicinity. In the comic universe, viewers will see Lana still crushing over Clark. The show will bring Lana as a married woman with a daughter. Her presence will definitely bring some lighter tone to the show.

1. Lana Lang: Clark's High School Love
Lana Lang will be living in Superman’s vicinity

2. Krypto, The Super-dog

Who doesn’t love dogs, right? Krypto is one of the family members of the Superman family. The Super-dog lived with the El family on Krypton. On returning to Earth (somehow), post-crisis, the dog also gains superpowers just like Superman. He is a very faithful companion and would be a very warm addition to Superman’s family life. And if things turned out to be harsh in Smallville, he might just come to everyone’s rescue, who knows!


Krypto, The Super-dog
Krypto is Superman’s family member

3. Supergirl

Superman is not the only one with superpowers. Supergirl or Kara Zor El is his cousin from Argo city. After the city underwent destruction, her parents also sent her off to Earth. The destruction caused the residents of Argo city to die due to kryptonite radiation. Superman trained her and guided her. Her entrance into the series can bring some depth into the story and might feature the bond they share.

3. Supergirl
Supergirl is Superman’s cousin

4. Lex Luthor: The Supervillain

Lex Luthor has always despised Superman for his superpowers and mainly for his popularity. He tried several times to make the world get rid of Superman. He came up against other superheroes, too, like Supergirl and Batman because of his nemesis and evil doings. There’s a reason why writers don’t leave out the villains- they keep the story going on. If he is back again and if Superman had to put up a fight with him, that would make everyone sit around their TV screens.

4. Lex Luthor: The Supervillain
Lex always despised Superman

5. Bizarro Version of Superman

Just like a Bizzaro version of Supergirl, there exists a Bizzaro version of Superman. Lex Luthor created this cloned version of Superman. The character clone has the same superpowers as that of Superman. He created him hoping to be able to destroy Superman. If this version returns to Smallville, who would be fighting him? His sons or Superman himself?

5. Bizarro Version of Superman
If Bizzaro returns, it will be Superman against Superman

6. Lucy Lane

Fans have once seen a version of Lois’s little sister, Lucy, in Arrowverse, so they are familiar with the character. Since in the comic books writers didn’t explore her personality, her exploration in Arrowverse flashed. She has admitted many times how she doesn’t get along with Lois Lane. And just like her father, she is an accomplished, military woman. Her being in the show would bring some edge to the storyline.

6. Lucy Lane
Rivalry against Lois and Lucy?

7. General Zod

General Zod and Superman have been against each other right from the beginning. Out of all the villains’ Superman had to deal with, he is the best one among them. It makes us wonder if he will be reintroduced in the upcoming series, after his brief appearance in Supergirl. His kryptonite powers are almost impossible to put up with, even for Superman. If he and his son come back, he will be the most challenging enemy to beat.

7. General Zod
Zod will be the toughest to defeat

8. Superman’s Pal- Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen was working with Lois and Clark as a photographer for Daily Planet. He is a good friend to both of them. His association with Superman during that period gave him the nickname “Superman’s Pal.” In the silver age, he accompanied Superman on many of his adventures. The comic books portrayed him as Superman’s savior in a variety of situations. He also gained superpowers and did something unusual with or without Superman. Superman’s life would be pretty incomplete without his best pal, right?

8. Superman's Pal- Jimmy Olsen
Superman might need his best pal

9. Morgan Edge

Edge was the most corrupt CEO of Edge Global and the top real estate mogul of National City. Morgan even got arrested for all the crimes he committed, like attempting to murder Lena Luthor and poisoning the city with lead.  Also, he is very ruthless and self-righteous. Because of the consequences he had to face, he might come back to take revenge. Fans also saw his enmity with Supergirl. She defeated him once. 

Morgan Edge
Morgan: the corrupt CEO of Edge Global

10. Damian Wayne

In the comic universe, Jonathan Kent becomes best friends with Damian Wayne. Since Arrowverse was hesitant to include Batman in verse, Damian might fill in the gap. He seems to have super fighting abilities, which might bring him closer to Jonathan and the “super” family. Additionally, the character might be introduced as a kid from the twins’ school or a guy living in the vicinity. His introduction in the story might open new doors for the DC Universe to explore.

10. Damian Wayne
Damian might become best friends with Jonathan Kent
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