Superman ‘Exists’ In Sony’s Venomverse

What if we tell you that instead of Spider-Man, Superman exists in Sony’s Venomverse? Venom sees the symbiote bonding with Eddie Brock in Ruben Fleischer’s new film, launching Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters. While the end-credits of the film teased the upcoming Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, many fans were left baffled with an offhand reference to Superman.

Venom sees Life Foundation, a space probe owned by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake, bringing four symbiotes to Earth. Eddie Brock gets lured into the Life Foundation, where he bonds with Venom, which worries his ex-fiancé Anne Weying, who takes Brock to her new boyfriend Dr Dan Lewis to examine him.

This is where Superman is subtly referenced: After Eddie and Venom break into his TV network to deliver Drake’s proof of criminal activity, Anne rescues Eddie from being captured.

While driving away, both Eddie and Anne talk about the symbiote and its weaknesses where Eddie reveals that Venom is vulnerable to sonic attacks. Anne then says that “sonic attacks” could be Eddie and Venom’s Kryptonite.

This could’ve been common had this been used in DC where Superman exists, as the Man of Steel is considered vulnerable to most forms of harm, but the one substance that makes him weak is the Kryptonite. However, this could be a vernacular but this doesn’t mean that someone would call Venom’s weakness as “Kryptonite” without the context of Superman.

Obviously, we will never see Superman crossover into any future Sony or Venom film. Kryptonite is also a real-life chemical element in the periodic table, however, Anne’s sentence certainly derives from Superman.

The most likely scenario is that Superman might exist in the Venomverse, but merely as a fictional character, just like our real world.

There’s also another even more subtle reference to Superman in the film during the final battle between Venom and Riot, which sees Eddie performing a running jump into a punch on Riot. This move is also called a Superman punch.

So, even though Venom successfully managed to establish itself without Spider-Man, it’s Superman who subtly looms over the Venom franchise.

Vasu Sharma
Vasu Sharma

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