Superman is one of the most loved characters from the DC Comics. One of the very few reasons DC has successfully achieved to receive this fame and money is definitely due to this flagship character ! But obviously there have been more characters introduced and there have been many stories which have had their funny moments. These moments were made into memes by the comic fans. Out of all the stories ; the Silver Age is a gold mine for memes.
Here are some of the funniest memes that are based particularly on the Silver Age. It is one such story line from where weird but yet hilarious meme ideas are taken out of context.


1. Internet Is Worse Than The Super Villians !


This certainly was well ahead of its time. Internet has become more prevalent over these years and of course it has its own benefits. And at the current times , internet has become one of the most important sources of entertainment. But along with the times there in an increase in use of the internet and everything comes with its own set of pros and cons. So does the internet. Superman understands that and shows the fear towards it. The internet is now filled with negativity , cruelty and despair that has lead to enormous hatred among the people towards each other.
Superman , who is used to facing so many super villains at a physical level seems to be sacred of the internet. We all have to take it seriously !



2. One Way To Stop Luthor !


Lex Luthor is one of the many arch nemesis of Superman. Luthor is shown as one of the most selfish characters in the comics (just like many villains) and he maybe the many mortal man who can stand against Superman who has almost godlike powers. He has seen causing some serious trouble to the Superman.
In this meme, Superman is on purpose taking out the Lex Luthor out of his comfort zone and putting anti gravity shoes on his feet in order to curb the havoc in space.


3. Reversed Roles !


This one was the most mindless incident in Superman issue. During the incident , his younger self and Krypto switched their places. The earlier designs of Krypto portrayed him as a character that looked cute and mischievous at the same time while Superboy was shown as a dog which was very amusing !
Even though this seems silly , it still emphasizes an important centerpiece of that comic era.


4. Destroying a lovely gift !


In the Silver Age era , Superman was quite different as compared to the fans expectations. It was as if Clark Kent’s personality was vanishing and it was only Superman. He was more arrogant as well.
One of the famous examples was when the Superman used his heat vision to destroy the gift Jimmy Olsen had got for him. Maybe he was disappointed with the gift but certainly that was very un-Clark moment. This particular instance later became important in other medias.


5. Precious Super Tears !


In one of the comic panels from the The Silver Age of comics, we can see Jimmy Olsen collecting tears of Superman. Now we all agree that was a pretty creepy thing to see him taking Superman’s tears while insulting him. Jimmy Olsen’s revenge is out of context comparing the previous images in the panel.



6. Ouch !


During the Identity Crisis , there was a really awkward moment in the storyline . It illustrates Martha Kent and Clark Kent aka Superman having a conversation. This even though was out of context , it was a low key hilarious scene while even being depressing .There have been several Batman‘s origins memes. But the most hilarious part of this comic panel is the look on Clark’s face. It is not only funny but even priceless. But we guess , this would be all our faces !


7. Strong Dislike Towards Flash !


The Flash and Superman have a frenemy relationship. And obviously they have their own friendly moments too. However  when it specifically comes to speed, we all know Flash is the fastest man alive but Superman being superman has his own set of strengths.
In this old Superman comic over we can see him punching Flash straight on his face. Well this one incident was even adapted in the new Justice League movie where Flash thinks he can be not caught and Superman hits him. Superman can definitely be dangerous at times.


8. World Without Superman


This is the time when Superman was at his absolute worse. He had stopped saving people and as a result the world was in absolute mess. People started dying , there were planes crashing and even gun shooting. Superman acted so selfishly during this particular time. It made fans hate him a lot. Even though he was being out of his character as it was actually modified , this version of Superman is one of the funniest example of him being a biggest jerk in the whole DC Universe.

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