Superman Joins Twitter, Dives Into Immigration Discussion

Many things are as questioned right now in America as immigration, and also while there is a myriad of point of views regarding exactly how we should handle it, nobody anticipated Superman to jump into the fray. That’s precisely what DC did though when Superman obtained a Twitter account, and also the hero didn’t lose at any time developing who he is and what he’s always been about. DC shared a video including a classic Superman PSA from 1960 labelled Lend A Friendly Hand, which put a spotlight on two youngsters looking down on an additional kid because he is a refugee, as well as Superman,  breaks down what’s wrong with their reasoning.

Video Posted By Superman On Twitter 

Video Posted By Superman On Twitter 
Superman himself can be considered an ‘immigrant’ as he’s from another planet, and crash landed on Earth shortly after his birth

The Superman account published the video with the inscription “For over 80 years, Superman has shown us the best in humanity. #ThrowbackThursday #TBT”, as well as followers, have promptly welcomed it on social media sites.

Background story of Superman’s Video 

Background story of Superman's Video 
Superman thrives to help every single individual, and protect the population from threats and possible dangers.

The story concentrates on Jim and also an additional unnamed child who choose they do not want to bring a child named Sandor along since he’s a refugee as well as spout out stereotypical things like “those refugee youngsters can not speak English or play ball or anything”. Superman after that shows up as well as supplies to take them on vacation to find out more regarding refugees and why they involve America, discussing that they are feeling as a result of political occasions, battle or catastrophe.


He after that shows them what a refugee camp resembles and also tells the children that while a few of the youngsters were birthed below, they still do not understand what a real home resembles. Superman then points to some companies that are trying to find them new residences in brand-new nations as well as also tells them that they can aid by getting along toward young boys like Sandor.

Several Reactions To Superman’s Video on Twitter 

You can see the full video clip above, as well as below are a few of the reactions the article has gotten on Twitter.


Watch the trailer for Superman’s solo film, Man of Steel, here:

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