Superman & Lois: 5 Reasons Why This Is The Best DC Show

When someone watches a series, especially a comic-book series, they expect it to be terrific. Fans often want to see their favorite characters come to life, and Superman & Lois, a CW series, appears to offer just that. Learn why Superman & Lois is the best DC show ever, and why you should definitely watch it.

Fresh Story

Superman & Lois
Superman & Lois

Adapting comic book storylines is always amusing and enthralling, but there’s always a scope for fresh stories, which Superman & Lois takes full advantage of. Relocating Superman from Metropolis to Smallville after his mother’s demise and giving him the role of the father is something that a lot of TV shows and movies haven’t done. It gives viewers a unique perspective on Superman.

Family Show

Superman & Lois Was All About Family
Family Moments in Superman & Lois

The show Superman & Lois is about family as much as it is about heroic adventures. In today’s world, superhero TV writers understand that it’s the characters that matter. Yes, the CGI superhero fights are stunning, but it’s the human drama that eventually allows us to empathize with Superman and his companions. The show is wonderful for the family to watch because it is about Clark Kent and Lois Lane taking care of a family.

Grounded Tone

Clark Kent
Clark Kent

Because Superman & Lois is a sci-fi show, supervillains and superpowers still exist. The program, on the other hand, guarantees that these components do not receive full emphasis. While Superman features plenty of classic superhero scenes, the series maintains a grounded tone by focusing on Superman’s family and fighting with low-level foes.

Balanced Depiction of Superman

The Happier Version of Superman - Superman & Lois
The Happier Version

For many, Superman was always supposed to be a boy scout-like character, a hero who wasn’t always sullen or slaughtered people brutally. For many people, Superman was a ray of hope in an otherwise bleak world. With some darker inspirations, this version of Superman is warmer, happier, and more reflective of the comic that has enthralled readers of all ages. Despite this, the program manages to strike a balance between being not too dark and not too cheesy.


Incredible Aesthetics
Incredible Aesthetics

When it comes to CW shows, the CGI isn’t really going to look the best. Generally, the studios manage with whatever they have and attempt to make enough. Superman & Lois, on the other hand, had the advantage of being endorsed not only by the CW but also by HBOMax. With a bigger budget, the show was able to pull off incredible visuals and graphics that, although still confined by television, appear as they belong in a feature film. The show was able to flourish because of its aesthetics.

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