Superman Thinks the Avengers are Reckless Killers (And He Just Might be Right)

Superman believes the Avengers are killers, according to a new comic. Because the morals of the Man of Steel distinguish him from other superheroes, his perspective on the Marvel Universe is worth studying.


When Earth’s defenders show such contempt for life, it might be awkward. Many heroes in the DC Universe are opposed to murdering and continually affirm the worth of life, regardless of whether they are a force for good or evil. Despite Wonder Woman’s training in Themyscira, which prepared her to slay her adversaries with a sword, Batman has refrained from killing criminals in Gotham City. Similarly, Superman chooses to represent the finest of mankind by treating everyone with dignity. With Captain America’s military history and Thor’s personal familiarity with conflict, the Avengers are less gentle. Superman emphasizes the distinction between his heroic ideology and the Avengers’ worldview in Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1, written by Phillip Kennedy Johnson and drawn by Ben Templesmith and Trevor Hairsine.

DC Comics

When the Al Ghuls threaten Superman and his crew, he reminds them that they can’t murder their adversaries, even if they appear to be undead. “They’re not zombies, and you were aware of the regulations when you agreed to work with me.” “I believe revived bat-ninjas should be considered a grey area.” Because they aren’t immortal, Superman is correct that they are still human beings despite being revived. His remark readily compares the Al Ghuls to Marvel’s “The Hand” ninjas. Despite being shown with emotions, the Avengers do not see the Hand as human people. Throughout the Shadowland storyline and New Avengers: Ronin, the world’s mightiest heroes slay the ninjas mindlessly. While the Avengers don’t consider it a matter of morality, Superman completely disagrees, holding his allies to a greater standard than what Captain America expects of his friends.

Justice League vs. Avengers

Despite the fact that the Al Ghuls are unlikely to be redeemed, Superman feels it is immoral to let them perish. The Avengers, on the other hand, would only spare an opponent if there was a potential that they would change their allegiance or if they were being mind-controlled. Unlike Marvel’s heroes, who act as cops or soldiers, the Justice League represents particular universal ideas that transcend context. Superman’s unlimited kindness is a major aspect of his character, and it distinguishes him from Captain America, despite the fact that they are both boy scouts.

Superman, like Batman, would not indiscriminately slaughter a swarm of ninjas only to speed up the process of “saving the day.” While the Avengers feel that the end justifies the means, the DC Universe understands that murdering makes a hero just as terrible as their enemy. Superman is unwilling to allow the worst of his foes to be slain by a squad he commands, especially without the appropriate authorization.

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