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Superman Will Appear In [This] DCEU Movie Next

DCEU fans know the pain of waiting for WB announced DC films to actually go into production. But Black Adam fans who have been waiting for the movie since 2016 can finally relax. Dwayne Johnson has already confirmed that the Black Adam movie is indeed happening and it has a release date as well. But there’s another little tidbit of info/rumour floating around regarding Black Adam that has fascinated fans. This is regarding the Superman cameo in the movie.

What Is Being Planned For Black Adam?

Black Adam will have Hawkman, Doctor Fate and Hawkgirl as part of its cast. Pic courtesy:

It’s pretty clear that the Shazam sequel and Black Adam is already happening. WB is interested in exploring this franchise. Maybe they are hoping that this will provide a gateway to a more connected universe. This can be their plan, especially since, various characters of the Justice Society Of America (JSA) like Hawkman, Hawkgirl and Doctor Fate are rumoured to appear in the Black Adam movie.

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Will Superman Appear In The Black Adam Movie?

Superman and Black Adam will brawl in Black Adam 2. Pic courtesy:

But what about Superman? Superman’s future in the DCEU isn’t certain. Whether he will get another solo movie or not isn’t known till now. Previously WB had met with Michael B. Jordan to talk about the Superman project. But Jordan didn’t commit because WB wasn’t fully invested in making the movie. But it looks like Superman will indeed be in Black Adam 2.

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While that’s sad for Superman fans hoping to see him in the first Black Adam movie but at least now they have some concrete to look forward to. It seems like WB wants to see Black Adam and the Man of Steel go head go head. While having a small cameo of Superman in Black Adam would help establish that Superman does exist in that universe. But whether WB will actually do it or not, isn’t that certain. They might not have to since the Shazam movie has referenced to the presence of Superman multiple times in the movie. This culminated in that post credits cameo scene of Superman sitting down to have lunch with the Shazam family in his suit. Who will be Superman in Black Adam 2 is not known till now and likely will not be known anytime soon.

What is known is the fact that WB isn’t introducing Superman in the first Black Adam movie itself because Black Adam will take on Hawkman in the first movie. As for when he will tackle Shazam, that is a treat which WB has kept for Shazam 3. It looks like a full cinematic universe is slowly growing and we can’t wait for it!

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