Superman’s 10 Most Impressive Strength Feats

Superman could be easily termed as the strongest there is and he has always impressed fans with his incredible strength and abilities. Like most of the superheroes, he has developed, grown and formed himself into one of the favorite superheroes of all times. One can say he’s not the strongest but we insist that Superman is the strongest superhero ever. Today we will tell you about his most impressive feats of strength from the comic book universe.

  1. Moved the Earth 

Superman moves earth

In Superman #220, he suffers from amnesia and wears Flash’s costume most of the time while Flash wearing his, both convince each other that they were actually what they’re wearing. Flash even designs Clark Kent a mask and Superman reminds in the Flash costume the whole time.

In this issue, they step to fight an evil alien race which had shot a giant seed towards Earth, Superman smashes himself into the planet when the Seed is about to hit the Earth. This resulted in the seed to land on The Sun and getting destroyed.

  1. Lifted Warworld

During “Our Worlds at War” crossover, Imperiex who was a giant being with powerful armor decided to destroy the whole universe to fix a flaw he saw in the universe. Imperiex was known to destroy galaxies and he was defeated by the joined forces of Apokolips, Earth, and Warlord.

Warlord went on to betray his allies and fused Imperiex’s powers into himself. Superman couldn’t stand this and showed his strength by lifting Warlord, a planet bigger than Earth and Apokolips and sent it back in time.

  1. Broken Green Lantern Constructs

Superman Breaks Lantern Constructs

In the crossover, “Sacrifice” Maxwell Lord expanded his powers to take full control of Superman’s Mind. This made Superman behave berserkly and did things he normally wouldn’t do. He even nearly killed Batman when Batman was close to uncovering Maxwell’s plan.

The defense system of Justice League attacked Superman for long enough till the rest of the Justice League came up and rescued Batman. Superman’s strength was so much that he could even break through John Stewart’s force field and even destroyed Hal Jordan’s ring constructs.

  1. Moved the Earth (Again)

Superman's Strength Feats

Parasite, who was known for draining his enemies’ powers tried to absorb Superman’s powers in one of the issues. This went opposite to the plan as he ended up overcharging Superman and got defeated. Parasite attacked again, this time cleverly making Superman think that his powers have increased to dramatic levels and then made his reduce those powers through a red sun cream that he had put on his body. Superman thought he’s getting his powers back to normal but actually, they were getting reduced.

Parasite absorbed most of these powers and Superman almost died but he survived and after he removed the cream off him and charged him back from Sun. He was almost at 75% when Parasite launched a laser attack on Metropolis from outer space, Superman moved the Earth so that the target gets out of the beam of a satellite.

  1. Threw a Giant Ape Through Time 

DC introduced a lot of super animal characters during the 1950’s like Supergirl and her dog Krypto, cat Streaky, horse Comet and then there was a super ape, Titano. Titano was a highly intelligent ape who was originally known as Toto. He befriended Lois Lane. He was sent to outer space for an experiment but mutated into a giant super ape due to a strange radiation.

He could now shoot radiations out of his eyes which meant that Superman couldn’t come close to him. While the army pledged to kill him, Lois Lane protected him by tricking him into a lead-covered glass and Superman threw him through time back to the prehistoric era where he could interact with dinosaurs. Some impressive strengts of Superman, you see.

  1. Dragged Mageddon

Before the advent of JLA, a miniseries was run where a team of “Big Seven” was formed as they were the only heroes to break free through the spell cast by Know Man. This gave superpowers to normal human beings while erasing their knowledge about the existence of other heroes on Earth. They defeated Know Man and prepared themselves for a threat named Mageddon, which was a giant sentient machine. Mageddon could even make the Sun look like a small tennis ball.

This huge machine was on its way to destroy Earth by initially poisoning its inhabitants’ minds and make them weak. Superman moved this machine which was many times bigger than the Earth and later absorbed the anti-Sun energy which was the source of power for Mageddon and thereby destroying it.

  1. Fought his way through the Big Bang 

Before Lex Luther, Marv Wolfman had been another immortal villain who had positioned himself as a Titan of industry and fought against Superman. He even turned the people of Metropolis against Superman and even popped a pyramid out of the Earth’s surface tricking the people to believe that Superman is behind this.

One of the power pyramids was loose in time and was set during the Big Bang itself. Rip Hunter took Superman in the past and he fought his way through the Big Bang to destroy the pyramid and fix the timeline.

  1. Created an eclipse

In the past, many storylines were about Lois Lane proving that Clark Kent is Superman. In Superman #110, he learns that he’s not the only one suffering from the same problem. He thereby travels to Highville and dropped a note he had written to himself and a local man named Hal had picked it up while people who saw him with it, believed that he is Superman.

Now, Hal was notorious and he decided to add some chemicals to a nearby volcano that would eventually shake the town. He assumed that Superman would save them and this will prove that he is not Superman. The chemicals he used activated the volcano and Superman has to save the day. But the problem was that Kent and Lois Lane were in town for an assignment and Superman had to prove to Lois Lane that he isn’t Superman. So he grabbed a man with amnesia and put some makeup on him and made him look like Clark Kent. He flew into outer space and threw a planet past Earth, causing an eclipse exactly at the time when “Clark Kent” was with Lois Lane. Weird, isn’t it?

  1. Moved yet another planet

This story is known as “Must There Be A Superman” from #247 Superman. In this issue, we see the Guardians questioning the Superman is he was hurting the Earth’s development by making them rely on him. Superman once saved the Earth from a dangerous pod of spores despite the pod being next to a red sun.

What he does to block it will blow your mind. He formed a planet to block it and all of this is despite the fact that he was weakened by the Red Sun. This left him nearly dead and the Guardians saved him and made him question his role on Earth.

  1. Broke Highfather’s Staff Out of Source Wall

The idea of Source Wall was an interesting addition to the Fourth World mythology. Writer Jack Kirby noted that there was one final barrier which was keeping us away from the Source, the unifying force of the universe. The actual Wall wasn’t introduced till the X-Men/New Teen Titans crossover. It was revealed in this that anyone who dares to go through the Source Wall shall be trapped inside and cannot escape.

In Batman/Superman storyline, “Torment” we see DeSaad freeing Darkseid from the Source Wall by taking control of Superman’s Mind with some help from Scarecrow and his mind-altering drugs. Superman was drugged and sent to the Source Wall to free the Highfather’s staff so that DeSaad could free Darkseid.

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