Supernatural: Best Characters Apart From The Winchester Brothers

Supernatural started in 2005 and spanned up to 15 seasons. Now, that’s a huge number. Over the years the series has managed to make loyal fans who love the storyline, cast, and everything about it. The main characters are the Winchester brothers named Sam and Dean Winchester. Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester and Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester. With their acting and presence on the screen, they’ve become fan-favorite. But, the series has other characters as well, that we tend to forget or overlook. They are equally important as they help in building up the storyline. So, here’s a list of the best characters in the series Supernatural apart from the Winchester brothers. Let’s appreciate them too!

1. Castiel In Supernatural

Castiel in Supernatural
Castiel in Supernatural

This was a no-brainer. His name had to be on the list. Though he’s not the protagonist, he is very important in the series. Throughout the series, we’ve seen him always caring for everyone and never getting tired of it. And, oh. His end made many of us cry. Castiel sacrificed himself to save Dean and before doing so, he expressed his love for Dean. Everything was just so emotional.

2. Bobby Singer In Supernatural

Bobby Singer in Supernatural
Bobby Singer in Supernatural

He helped the Winchester brothers when they were left alone. Bobby Singer acted as a true father figure for them. Gave them all the love and affection they deserved. Bobby gave brilliant emotional layers to the series and became a fan favorite. So much so that his death in the series annoyed the fans a lot!

3. Crowley In Supernatural

Crowley in Supernatural
Crowley in Supernatural

He paved his way from a villain to an anti-hero to a straight-up hero is just awesome. During his time in the show has proved to be one of the best characters on the show and you cannot disagree! Many people describe him as charming and witty. Do you agree?

4. Lucifer

Lucifer in Supernatural
Lucifer in Supernatural

Throughout the series, his performance was consistently great. Being an archangel, his motivations were understandable and his relations with the main cast were good. His comedic timing was amazing, he was neverending evil and his personality was complex in the show. Overall, he never disappointed fans whenever he was on the screen until he took the bullet in season 15 and died.

5. Charlie Bradbury

Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural
Charlie Bradbury in Supernatural

With her unique personality, Charlie added humor and quirkiness to the series. Moreover, her sister dynamic with the Winchester brothers made her an instant fan favorite. And these loyal fans never forgave for how she was killed in the series.

6. Jack Kline

Jack Kline
Jack Kline in Supernatural

With Jack Kline’s entrance into the series, a whole new layer of freshness was added with his character to the show. His story was full of flaws. However, that didn’t stop the fans to love him. So, all in all, he was a great addition to the show.

7.  Death

Death in Supernatural

With the way Death was introduced in the show, he has proven to be one of the best characters in the show with his performance. He appeared from Seasons 5 to 10 and made sure that his appearance on the show remains terrifying with a mixture of funny and great dynamics.

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