Well, it looks like the James Bond fandom has taken one step forward and two steps back.

After a rumour surrounding Idris Elba becoming the next actor to play the iconic role, we finally got some sad confirmations that People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” won’t be joining the James Bond franchise.

This news didn’t stop The Hollywood Reporter from polling about their thoughts on changing the Bond casting. This may sound weird as James Bond is British, but Americans love action movies.

It appears 63% of the people support Elba and 16% couldn’t make up their minds while 21% were against the idea. Clearly, it’s tough for fans to accept James Bond as a fictional character and has no ties to a particular race.

However, things took an unfortunate turn as the poll stated that less than two in five to see an Asian, Hispanic, female or gay Bond. 37% backed up on the possibility of an Asian actor, 39% vouched for a Hispanic actor but only 28% of 2086 people fathomed a gay Bond.

Some people even prefer old Bond films with Sean Connery being polled as the most fan favourite actor. Daniel Craig, the current James Bond ranked #4 on the list.

While it’s still disappointing to see such a narrow-minded response, there are many series that are debuting heroes who aren’t straight. Doctor Who is finally casting a woman in the lead and the response has been really positive. This year’s Black Panther by Marvel Studios has also been a huge success.

Next year’s Captain Marvel will also see the debut of the first MCU film to star a woman in the lead role. And given Wonder Woman’s vast success last year, we won’t be surprised if Captain Marvel turns out to be a box office hit.

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