Less than a week after the first episode of the Swamp Thing premiered on DC Universe, the fledgeling streaming surface suffered a major setback with the news that the horror series has been cancelled, now. While DC Universe will continue to air the remaining episodes, there is already little hope that Swamp Thing will return for more episodes, after.

Swamp Things Cancelled by DC after First Season

Swamp Things Cancelled after just one episode premiers

And after the positive reception to the first season, it stands to reason that many fans would be upset that the corporate fat cats at Warner Bros would put their foot down on the Swamp Thing. After the positive reception to the first season, the quick decision to cancel the entire show is seen as a knee-jerk reaction for the fans.

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Of course, the DC Universe marketing team has to continue doing their jobs, which entails promoting all of their new offerings that have come across to the streaming service. And because the newest offering also includes the Swamp Thing, a lot of fans are lashing out on the social media channels.

With the cancellation of Swamp Thing so fresh in everyone’s minds, it makes sense that fans would not be happy about any of the promotion surrounding the new series.

Angry fan reviews on Swamp Thing’s Cancellation

Read on to see just how angry the fans are about the news of Swamp Thing‘s cancellation.

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Great timing!

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Coming or Going?

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Nice try at Damage Control!

Give the people what they want!

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