Swamp Thing New Trailer and Poster Released By DC

Fans seem to be enjoying the DC Universe streaming service, with shows such as Titans, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and the upcoming Star Girl show available to watch any time and where. One advantage the streaming service provides is that it’s not just a streaming service, you can read hundreds of DC novels and connect with other DC fanatics. DC Universe original shows have been doing extremely well with fans and critics, the highest rated Show is Doom Patrol receiving 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, last Week the pilot episode of Swamp Thing premiered and overall its receiving good reviews, but we have bad news for Swamp Thing fans.

The show is already cancelled! The production cost 85 million dollars, with the show having big names such as The Conjuring and Aquaman director James Was as a producer. According to multiple News websites DC Universe and Warner TV shelved season two. But why?. Production for the series was shut down early, meaning the series faced behind the scenes problems, the pilot episode and currently the only one available to view had incredible CGI, making a possible Swamp Thing movie (remake) difficult to top the shows visual effects.

The CW shows that premiere on Netflix found a new home, the Netflix and CW deal officially came to an end, with CW shows such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman will be released on the DC streaming service, which is an advantage to bring in more viewers.

The DC Universe streaming service is facing problems, with Warner TV unhappy about the number of members, the reason DC Universe is failing financially is because of an exclusive US release, given the fact that its only available in the US, this means thousands of citizens want the steaming service but don’t have access to it, KAPOW News even published an article explaining how Europe residents can get the service with a VPN.

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