Fans Get an Up Close Look at Previously Planned Villain of DC’s Swamp Thing via Behind-The-Scenes Video

We get to have a better look at the previously planned Villain for Swamp Thing in the newly revealed behind the scene videos. 

Clearer Vision of the Planned Villain

The long-time Swamp Thing nemesis can now be seen in a behind-the-scenes clip

Just five days after its debut, the Swamp Thing writer’s room had plenty of plans for a sophomore outing before it’s unexpected termination. As the end of the 10-episode season led on, the second season was aimed at bringing a live-action version of Floronic Man into the DC Universe setting.

Now you can see the long-standing Swamp Thing arch enemy in a behind-the-scenes clip that has emerged online, venturing some impressive special effects as Kevin Durand’s walks around in a stellar suit.

What the writer had to Say

Swamp Thing writer Gary Dauberman teased last November that should the show have gone forward.

In a recent interview, this is what Dauberman had to say, “Season One is very much like a movie in that it has a beginning, middle, and end, and is one story told over the course of 10 episodes and what I liked a lot about the comics is that there’s like a werewolf in a hospital and things like that, so we would have had episodes like an anthology with standalone stories.”

“The swamp is very much the kitchen sink of supernatural terror and, as you know, you can go into different subgenres of horror with that and I was really looking forward to exploring that in Season Two and getting into some of the more twisted horror tales from the later comics.”, he further added. 


The main Swamp Thing series was set to run at least three seasons.

The main Swamp Thing show was reported to have been scheduled to run for at least three seasons and may lead to spinoffs or even a Justice League Dark team-up on the streaming service operated by Warner Brothers. There were reports that the North Carolina Film Office’s studio lost on tax cuts, but it is said that it had little to no impact on the show being cut.

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