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The highly extolled SYFY series, Krypton, has been dropped by the makers after two seasons, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. The show focuses on the life and exploits of Superman’s grandfather. This news came as quite a shock to fans as a spinoff series centred on the character in the series, Lobo, portrayed by Emmett Scanlan, was set to be featured on the same network. Lobo could have been a series that followed events in parallel with Krypton, particularly, because the season two finale revealed that Adam Strange and Seg-El were getting ready to tail the Main Man into space. However, chances look dim as it has been reported that Lobo has been dropped by the network, as well.

The main reason why the show was dropped is due to the substantial drop of viewers from the first season as the show entered its second season. Even though it was critically acclaimed and well-liked by the audience, it only amassed approximately four hundred thousand viewers. As compared to the one million eight hundred thousand viewers the first season brought in, the second season’s viewer statistics were seen as grim. This indicated an unfavorable trendline which pushed the network to cancel the show.

Will SYFY bring Krypton back?

Will SYFY bring Krypton back?
The future looks bleak for Krypton fans

DC Universe streams the show after the conclusion of its SYFY seasons. It is feasible that it could be continued from there or elsewhere. However, presently, there is nothing to suggest the return of the series. Other shows cancelled, earlier this year, were Happy! And Deadly Class. Wynonna Earp has not been dropped even though its fourth season has yet to be produced. Reports indicate certain monetary problems revolving around the series, unconnected to SYFY.

Seg-El was played by Cameron Cuffe in Krypton while Shaun Sipos, who starred in Supernatural, played Adam Strange. Nyssa-Vex was portrayed by Wallis Day, and Georgina Campbell stars as Georgina Campbell. Colin Salmon, from the series Arrow, played General Zod while Brainiac was played by Blake Ritson. The series focused on a plan by Zod to save Krypton from its annihilation by utilizing time-travel. In order to stop Brainiac from crushing the city of Kandor, Zod wanted to use Doomsday as an armament against Brainiac. The destruction of the city of Kandor was what led to Krypton’s annihilation.

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