Most Shocking Returns In The History Of DC Projects

The DC universe never ceases to amaze its spectators with shocking revelations. One of them includes the comeback of old… Read More

3 weeks ago

DC Characters From Film, TV & Games That Are Nothing Like Their Comic Book Counterparts

It could have been for the better. Sometimes it was just plain worse. DC has seen many of its characters… Read More

4 months ago

Premiere Dates of Four Shows of Arrowverse 2021

Arrowverse has officially declared the dates of their four shows. The CW’s own DC universe has grown so much over… Read More

4 months ago

WB to recommence shooting for Arrowverse in mid-August

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many production houses had closed down their projects, which led to a mini shutdown. With… Read More

7 months ago

Everything We Know About the Arrowverse’s Batman So Far

Batwoman closes its first season on Sunday night with an awe-inspiring revelation. Batwoman's Season 1 finale episode "O, Mouse!"  delivers… Read More

10 months ago

Crisis On Infinite Earths Show – Runner Teases The Release Of Unseen Deleted Scenes

The team of Arrow-verse is enhancing the VFX of Crisis on Infinite Earths' deleted scenes! The team behind the Arrow-verse… Read More

11 months ago

Alice Could Portray the Lead Villain in Batwoman and Bring with Herself an Element of Surprise !!

Batwoman's Alice has the potential to swing around for seasons to get in pure Arrowverse knave form.  A Villain Captured… Read More

11 months ago

The Arrowverse’s Justice League has Left Out Some Deserving Members

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” the latest Arrowverse crossover. The Arrowverse was born in… Read More

1 year ago

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