Avengers: Age of Ultron

WandaVision Theory: SWORD’s White Vision Is Actually Ultron!!

Many might have already thought of this scenario. SWORD, as it turns out, is not the benevolent organization we thought… Read More

2 months ago

Vision Almost Got Private Parts in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Wanda and Vision have led MCU’s Phase 4 to a successful opening. The first three episodes have set up the… Read More

3 months ago

WandaVision Will Explore Quicksilver’s Past Before Age of Ultron

WandaVision Episode 3, “Now in Colour” finally made an official callback to Pietro Maximoff. He died on his debut, back… Read More

3 months ago

How Doctor Doom’s MCU Origins Could Be Tied To Avengers: Age of Ultron

The MCU is really great at setting things up well in advance. Atlantis was teased way back in Iron Man… Read More

3 months ago

Marvel’s Epic $800 Hulkbuster Toy Is The Coolest Collectible Ever

There are times when you come across some truly worthless items with a price tag bigger than the GDP of… Read More

6 months ago

10 Insanely Accurate Sci-Fi Cosplay That Will Leave You Amazed!

As sci-fi and superhero movies have been dominating the movie and TV industry for almost a decade now, fans all… Read More

6 months ago

MCU: 5 Movies Which Had The Best Climaxes (& 5 Which Absolutely Sucked!)

Apart from world-building and setting the foundation for the superhero genre, the MCU had had its share of unforgettable cinematic… Read More

9 months ago

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