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Deadpool wishes the 96 year old Betty White 

Deadpool, a super fictional character of the Marvel’s Comics has always received great love from the true sci-fi fans. Deadpool’s character represents him in two different lights. One which fights the enemies aggressively and the other which is known for…

Toy Story 4 Contains Cameos From Betty White, Mel Brooks, and Other Comedy Icons

"The Toy Story films aren't just fantastic fun, but they have a good deal of heart," explained Brooks. Reiner added, "To be symbolized with a cute little toy personality isn't the worst thing on the planet." The Toy Story franchise is now coming to the big screen in only a few weeks using its own fourth, and probably final installation, Toy Story 4. As fans of this show know, Toy Story movies have always brought from the greatest ability to voice all their personalities, and also this new chapter will not be any different.