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COVID 19: Disney To Stop Paying 100K employees

Disney will stop paying more than 100,000 employees this week, almost 1/2 of its workforce. As the world’s largest entertainment corporation tries to weather the coronavirus lockdown. It made almost $7bn in working income from its parks, studies and merchandise…

Disney CEO Bob Iger apologizes for a mishap

Disney CEO Bob Iger apologizes for a mishap

Emerson Elementary School in Berkeley, California screened The Lion King on a ‘parents night out’ last November. News circulating around says that, The Walt Disney Company charged the school a licensing fee of $250 for screening the movie.    Why…


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Disney CEO Bob Iger teaches Masterclass

Master Class online subscription classes are offering us a chance to learn from the best in Industry. As this is a known fact, MasterClass announced a new course update. The Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney also started his…