Jean Grey

Till Death Do Us Apart: Popular Marvel Superheroes You Never Knew Were Immortal

Heroes do the right thing or die trying. Fortunately these Marvel Superheroes can only do the former. They have the… Read More

3 months ago

10 X-Men Who Would Be A Perfect Fit For The Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lantern Corps are an integral part of the DC Universe. The Green Lanterns have their Green Lantern rings,… Read More

5 months ago


 Now and again writers like to come up with new concepts and ideas and experiment with standard versions of beloved… Read More

7 months ago

Multitude of X-Men Fans Are watching Dark Phoenix for the First Time for Its HBO Debut

This story revolves around X-Men’s most adored characters, Jean Grey, as she develops into the iconic DARK PHOENIX. During a… Read More

12 months ago

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Clip was revealed.

Disney together with 20th century Fox released new video footage for the X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The clip depicts X-men getting… Read More

2 years ago

Marvel Characters who have been killed many times

Every time a widely known comic book personality passes away, fans respond with a strange mix of sad feeling and… Read More

2 years ago

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