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“As a mother of 4, I’ve been shaken by the disturbing images”: Kim Kardashian Has Reportedly Refused Balenciaga Offer, Sets Record Clean When it Comes to Keeping Her Children Safe in ‘Predatory Industry’ 

Despite stating she’s “re-evaluating” her future with Balenciaga, it appears Kim Kardashian has given up on the fashion house, as she discarded clothing she planned to wear to upcoming events and refused its 2023 deal which was almost set to…

After Kanye West-Kim Kardashian Divorce, Kris Jenner Calls in Emergency ‘Damage Control’ Family Meeting To Discuss Possible Contingencies Considering Kanye’s Tendency for Viral Career Ruining Outbursts

Amid their divorce settlement, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are making significant headlines as their divorce settlement averted a trial scheduled for next month as they finalized their divorce. They filed documents seeking a judge’s approval of terms, including payments…