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MCU Spider-Man 3: Why The Spider-Verse is a Disastrous Idea

Fans are ecstatic to see the Spider-Verse in action in MCU's Spider-Man 3. But we believe Spider-Verse is going to… Read More

3 months ago

Nova Corps: Little Known Facts About Marvel’s Lantern Corps

The Nova Corps is the inter-galactic peacekeeping force in Marvel Comics. Modelled after the Green Lantern Corps, they are so… Read More

3 months ago

Till Death Do Us Apart: Popular Marvel Superheroes You Never Knew Were Immortal

Heroes do the right thing or die trying. Fortunately these Marvel Superheroes can only do the former. They have the… Read More

3 months ago

DC-Marvel Superheroes And The Real Life People That Inspired Them

Good artists copy. Great artists steal. What's a better source for comic book writers and artists to draw 'inspiration' from… Read More

3 months ago

All Members of Captain America’s Howling Commandos, Ranked

The Howling Commandos were an elite combat unit that specialized in carrying out suicide missions behind enemy lines. Led by… Read More

4 months ago

What If Abomination Had Become an Avenger Like It Was Originally Planned

It's hard to imagine. It's even harder to process. But there was indeed a time the World Security Council was… Read More

4 months ago

10 Entertaining Iron Man Memes That Would Even Make Tony Stark Laugh

 “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” – Iron-Man. Iron man is… Read More

10 months ago

Thanos And Galactus Got Beaten By The Most Unexpected Superhero Ever

Thanos and Galactus are the two most powerful supervillain of Marvel Universe ever. However, there isn't a particular list who… Read More

11 months ago

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