Marvel Switcheroos: 10 Villains Who Switch Between Being Good And Evil

The Marvel comics have an array of characters that they have produced over the years. Some good, some bad, and… Read More

2 weeks ago

Who Can Stop Wanda? Each Hypothesis

Marvel Cinematic Universe's new miniseries 'WandaVision' is taking over screens across the world by storm. The series takes place in… Read More

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DC Heroes Who Are Much Quicker Than Marvel’s Quicksilver

Marvel's most famous runner is easily Quicksilver. As X-Man and Avenger, Quicksilver used his incredible speed to take down countless… Read More

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How Quicksilver’s Arrival Could Reintroduce Wanda as a Mutant

The Wanda series is like a fine wine. The more time passes, the better it gets. Last week's Episode 4… Read More

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Other X-Men Characters Who Could Return After Quicksilver

Fans were thrilled to see FOX's X-Men fan-favorite Quicksilver making an appearance in WandaVision. Consequently, the fifth episode of WandaVision left fans… Read More

2 months ago

WandaVision: Has WandaVision Revealed Mephisto Through SPOILER?

Since, WandaVision has started in January, several twists and turns we see in this MCU series. After the last scene… Read More

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WandaVision Theory: Scarlet Witch Could Be The Reason For Ultron’s Return

Could Ultron truly return in WandaVision? This is a question which has caused quite a stir among fans these days.… Read More

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WandaVision Leak Reveals The Debut of MCU’s First X-Men Character

WandaVision episode 4 answered some major questions while still keeping several other mysteries intact. But, the coming 5 episodes are… Read More

3 months ago

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