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Joker Breaks Records

2019 Marks New Milestone for Philips’ Joker

Regardless of all the debates on the film, Joker makes it to the glorious new Milestone as it continues making money! Eleven days into its local dramatic run, the record-setting motion picture has figured out how to pull in over $200 million…

Oscar Voters Critique the Movie Joker

Oscar Voters Critique the Movie Joker

Joker had a huge opening week from police patrolling the theatres to a packed audience watching the movie. Joker did clear the opening weekend with a record-breaking sum at the box office. But that is not all as the film…

A scene from the film Joker

Joker Ending EXPLAINED

!!! WARNING: SPOILER ALERT !!! Joker is now in theaters, it’s going to be the subject of a lot of discussion in the story it tells, likely for years to come. To date, the film’s most contentious aspect seems to…

Mark Hamhill reviews Joker

Mark Hamill Reveals How He Feels About Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker

Critics may say that Joker did not live up to the hype on the screen, but the opening weekend was full of twists and turns. Mark Hamill went to Twitter to give his thoughts on the film. It looks like from one Joker to the next, Todd Phillips ‘ movie gets a stamp of approval. That must feel good for the filmmakers. They had to avoid a number of arrows on the way to get the project out into theaters. Hamill’s enormous fan following   Hamill’s follow-up on the internet is very important. It has been over 3 million users…