Taika Waititi Says Superhero movies are New Mythology

We all know Martin Scorsese saying about his view of ‘The cinema’. He’s not been engaging any further after the event thrashing marvel movies. That said, the war over his comments remains ongoing. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman already gave his response. The directors of Avengers: Endgame (Russo Brothers) gave their version of cinema definition. Even Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige replied over Scorsese’s comments.

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Recently Taika Waititi once again delivered a long explanation. The response is to counter the Oscar winner’s opinion about MCU movies.

Taika Waititi on Superheroes

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Taika Waititi

The director expressed his view about superhero stories as a whole. Recently, Waititi had a round table discussion with The Hollywood Reporter. There he was asked to reveal his opinions on the Oscar-winning director’s comments on Superhero movies. The peoples also asked if he belongs to the Scorsese’s group or not. The Thor director disagreed Scorsese’s ‘weren’t cinema’ comments. 

In the interview, he mentioned about the post-production of Marvel movies and how much work goes into it. He called the Superheroes, and their films are our new mythology. He explained that stories teach us lessons and help us know human behaviours in fresh ways. Through the discussion, he responded in a particular way than his previous comment. He cracked a grand joke in an earlier interview saying its too late to change the name of MCU.

Effect on Oscars

Avengers: Endgame
Avengers: Endgame

The debate sparked by Scorsese seems to be never-ending. Reports say that Scorsese’s comments could cost MCU an oscar. This is because these may affect voting at The Academy Awards. Other reports confirm the change in the demographics of Oscar voters is going to happen.

Taika Waititiis is directing Thor: Love and Thunder. The movie is set to release for 2021. Also, Martin Scorsese’s directorial The Irishman releases on Netflix.

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