Taiwanese Artist Creates 10 Entertaining Animal Comics

The world is indeed comic, but the joke is on mankind.- H. P. Lovecraft

A Taiwanese artist named BrainHoleSky lives in Taiwan, the Republic of China, a country which is situated in eastern Asia.

BrainHoleSky loves to create comics and has recently completed a comic highlighting lovable animals in all sorts of what we call a funny muddle. At first, BrainHoleSky started making these comics on his personal Facebook accounts for his friends and family to see.

But eventually, as his comics became more exciting and starting to be loved by others, he created a social media handle devoted to his comics only. Thus that account currently holds thousands of followers globally.

Recently in an interview with Bored Panda, the artist made it clear that his comics have many emotions, such as happiness, sadness, love, and anger.

He also quoted that “I think having animal characters is a good way to express all the feelings.” For instance, the face of a pug can express an unfortunate situation, or if you see a swelling pufferfish, that means it’s furious,” Brainholesky stated.

One can very easily imagine how stunned an umbrella lizard might look like.

At the end of the interview with Bored Panda, he often used animal symbols for emotions.

So we at Animated Times have gathered some of BrainHoleSky’s enchanting animal comics in the gallery down below, as we want our fans to enjoy these fantastic animal comics.

So sit back, have fun, and enjoy these pictures.


10. Cool Goat Boy Doing Skates:


9. That’s A Bad Why To Impress Mr. Birdy:


8. It’s Playing Not Hurting Mr. Pecker:


7. Helping The Poor Lad!!


6. You Can’t Eat Fly That Mr. Froogy:


5. It’s Difficult To Wear A Mask For Coco The Crocodile:


4. That Ain’t A Little Bit!!!


3. Opps!


2. That Pug Face Though…hahaha:


1. Crowy Helping Mr. Vulture:


Well, these precisely are some funniest animal comics I have ever seen.
I just simply loved it; well done, BrainHoleSky.
So which among these is your favorite?
Do let us known in the comment section down below!!
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