Terribly Wasted MCU Characters That Could Use A ‘Shang-Chi Mandarin-Style’ Reboot

Many good characters in the MCU were wasted in the name of continuity and/or character development. It is time the MCU gives them a second chance just like they did with the Mandarin.

Crossbones Is basically Marvel’s Din Djarin With A Twist

Crossbones – Civil War

Unlike the other characters on this list, Brock Rumlow got a lot of screen time. Frank Grillo’s character used well within the MCU and we got to see a lot of him in the movies. But the only problem was – we saw a lot of Rumlow but very little of Crossbones. Crossbones is a very big part of the Captain America Rogues’ Gallery. The problem was the moment Rumlow embraced the Crossbones persona, he died 15 minutes into the movie.

The Frost Giants Deserve A Spin-Off Project Of Their Own

Laufey – Thor

Laufey and the Frost Giants are primary examples of how good villains are badly written into the plot to fuel another character’s story development.  It is highly unlikely we will wee Laufey and his Frost Giant pals in action ever again. But the little screen time they got, they were humiliatingly reduced to mere henchmen for Loki. The Nine Realms have a lot of stories to offer but the MCU seems to overlook them.

Lady Sif Must Come Back

Jamie Alexander – Lady Sif

Jamie Alexander was perfectly cast as the fearsome female warrior of Asgard. Only a select few in Asgard can match her combat skills. There were moments where the MCU signaled they just might let Lady Sif shine. But all they ever managed to do with her was used as a side character or as a potential love interest for Thor. There’s so much they could do with lady Sif. Maybe Thor: Love & Thunder will pave the way for her.

Betty Ross Could Use A Bit More Spotlight

Liv Tyler – Betty Ross

It is ridiculous when you think about it. You bring back Thunderbolt Ross from The Incredible Hulk but refuse to bring her daughter back from the same movie. The studio probably thinks she is not as profitable a character. The She-Hulk series will give a lot more character development to Ruffalo’s Hulk. And Hulk is incomplete without Betty Ross in more ways than one.

Malekith Is Marvel’s Trump Card For A War Of The Realms Arc

Malekith – War of the Realms

War Of The Realms seems to be the perfect comic book arc to expand on the mythology of Thor and help launch Jane Foster Thor. Malekith could be the one pulling the strings and causing all sorts of trouble. This also gives Marvel an opportunity to recast Malekith. The dull and stoic version we saw in Thor: The Dark World could be replaced for a more mischievous and maniacal one.

The Leader Deserves To Be Back In The MCU

The Leader

As far as villains go, the Leader probably has the worst luck in live action movies. twice he was teased as an upcoming villain – both in ang Lee’s Hulk and The Incredible Hulk. And both times he failed to make a proper on-screen debut. The She-Hulk series must hint at the Leader. Maybe this could lead to an Intelligencia storyline in She-Hulk Season 2 or later. The Leader could join forces with MODOK.

Ultron Will Be Easy To Bring Back

Ultron – Age Of Ultron

We can all agree that Ultron is a force of nature and deserves a better movie than Avengers: Age Of Ultron. With the growing popularity of What If’s Infinity Ultron, hinting at his MCU return in Armor Wars or Ironheart seems to be a good Ultron Reboot idea.

Bibhu Prasad Panda
Bibhu Prasad Panda

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