Tessa Thompson Doesn’t Want To Work With A Bunch Of White People Or Men

As you can see below, Tessa Thompson made quite a few remarks at the European superior for Creed II.  In which she expressed her disgust at the idea of working with a bunch of white people and/or men.


The star of Selma and the Creed franchise has said she does not wish to work on a set that has a whole lot of white people around.  Also, she doesn’t prefer to feature with white adult males predominate either on-screen or off-screen. Whether in front or in the back of the digicam, the actress has insisted she wants to work on “inclusive” productions.


Speaking at the European top-rated of Creed II she advised the Press Association:

“I don’t want to reveal up on set and simply see a group of white human beings, no offense. And I don’t want to work within the organization of a gaggle of men. No offense.

“I want to see paintings that certainly looks as if the sector wherein we live. There are lots of humans of color, appearance round. It’s additionally without a doubt exciting not just what we place on display.
“I want to expose up on set and feature it appear like the arena I walk around in every day, that’s full of girls, and people of color, and folk with disabilities. I need to make content that seems like that on camera.”


The actress stated she was overjoyed to take a strong female role – Bianca Taylor – in a historic franchise. She stars along with Black Panther megastar Michael B Jordan.
The Actress also desires to see a time where being a female in a lead part is no longer a speaking point.
Tessa said: “I like to play this character, I hope that she dollars conference in phrases of what a wife and a female friend can be.
“I hope we get to a area where there’s so much content wherein women are just what we are that’s multifaceted and dynamic so it’s not noteworthy whilst one seems in a film.

sources: Reddit.com, screengeek.net

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