Thanos: 4 Alternate Versions Way Stronger Than Thanos Himself! (And 3 That Are Extremely Weak)

The Mad Titan is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel comics. He’s a mutant heralding from the race known as ‘Eternals’ and can be seen as a cosmic Juggernaut. He fell in love with Mistress Death and since then he has been destroying planets to impress his muse. With the Infinity Gauntlet, he becomes really powerful and it’s difficult to defeat him with the Gauntlet. Today, we will tell you about some alternate versions of Thanos which are stronger than the original and a few weaker than the original.

Stronger: Thanoseid

In the 90’s DC and Marvel had their first and only crossover where Thanos got combined with his DC equal Darkseid, becoming Thanoseid.

With powers of both Thanos and Darkseid, Thanoseid was one of the most powerful characters in the comic universe. He swore to destroy the Amalgam universe using the Anti-Life nullifier but his plan failed.

Weaker: Superhero Squad Thanos 

He’s one of the most feared villains ever and possesses incredible power and desires to lure Mistress Death. Thanos can be termed as the living embodiment of destruction and this version of Thanos is an exact opposite. He cries a lot whenever things don’t happen his way and this Thanos isn’t scary and just turns out to be silly every single time.

Stronger: Omega

Thanos once cloned himself and we all know it as Omega. In hunger of more power, he once combined his DNA with the DNA of some of his enemies in an experiment.

Omega is the deadliest result of the experiment and he being a clone mixed with Galactus, he’s more power than Thanos himself. He tried to destroy the universe but Thanos defeated him with some help from a few heroes.

Weaker: Thanoscopter Thanos

Sometimes one needs a vehicle to strike fear in the minds of the people. Thanos wanted to convict the genocide Eternal and his plan to accomplish this was using a helicopter. He chose a tiny, yellow helicopter with his name on the side of it, just to make everyone know who’s inside. (Just saying.)

This happened when Spider man and Cat were fighting Thanos over the Cosmic cube. Thanos even stole the cube with his helicopter but the plan failed after he himself created a small Earthquake that ended in his defeat.

Stronger: Thanos wins “Thanos”

Imagine if the Mad Titan succeeds in his plan of wiping out every living creature in the universe? This is exactly what happens in the Thanos series by Donny Cates. In this, he destroys all the heroes on Earth (except one or two) and throughout his journey, he kills every being that comes in his way. And well, he does all of that to get the appreciation of Mistress Death.

Even Galactus was no match for Thai version of Thanos and the only one to threaten him is Silver Surfer with Thor’s hammer.

Weaker: Pet Avengers Thanos

Unless you’re Galactus, Thor or Warlock, one would advise to stay out of Thanos’ way. But there have been alternate versions of Thanos which have faced humiliating defeats. These are known as Pet Avengers.

These versions are pets of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, Avengers and while Avengers are busy, these Pet Avengers go looking for Infinity Gems which led them into a direct conflict with Thanos. Thanos wanted those gems and they refused and this resulted in a fight where Pet Avengers hold Thanos till Lockjaw throws Thanos to another dimension using his teleportation abilities.

Stronger: Year 20XX Thanos

Thanos started his quest with Cosmic Cube and we all know and for those who don’t, Cosmic cube is one of the mightiest artifacts in the Marvel universe. The cube can rewrite reality and the user can do anything he feels like.

In the U.S. Avengers series, we get an insight into future from now, which became to be known as “Zero Day”. Here, Thanos kills half the heroes in a cataclysmic battle sending a message to the entire universe that he’s back with a bang. He carved a path for himself by crafting gauntlets with little cosmic cubes, making himself unstoppable.


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