They called Thanos a mad-man. A man who would exploit his powers to achieve what he thought was a necessity. But one thing was very clear, the power that Thanos possessed could bring about anything into existence.

Comic-Con in the Making 

Avengers: Infinity War’s San Diego Comedian-Con trailer provides followers the ‘Thanos‘ moon throwing scene.’

In 2017, Marvel Studios(MCU) started working on the promotion for the much-anticipated Joe and Anthony Russo’s culminating movie. With the script drafted by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, the film launched all heroes of the franchise collectively as they furnished an extreme encounter towards the Mad Titan. Avengers: Infinity War’s San Diego Comedian-Con trailer presents the Marvel fans to have a look towards the other model of Thanos’ Moon throwing scene, which eventually was a very new thing in the franchise. As Infinity War’s enormous forged, which the scriptwriters introduced earlier, the filmmakers had to be artful in creating assurance that all characters get their show screen time. They teamed the warriors into scaled-down federations while maintaining the focus on the knave.

The Iconic Moon Shower Scene 

This iconic scene was by no means featured in any of the official trailers.

This particular scene of Thanos was never emphasized in any of the official trailers, which was strange thinking that it was a big talking point for the Infinity War coming out of D23, Disney’s Official Fan Club, and SDCC. The particular event trailer launched in July 2017, 4 months earlier than Marvel Studios(MCU), turned out to be the primary officials. And having a look at the movie in November of that very same in 12 months. Given the period, it is prudent that the VFX specialists have been nevertheless able to do the main results focusing on this shot. 

Were The VFX Rightly Polished

The script has been written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

The Mad Titan’s appearance was significantly essential for Marvel Studios to hit as he is a brand brand-new character for them, and a lot of the story connected through him. The VFX work on the Comedian-Con trailer was not all that accomplished, but it certainly did not value people who have been in Corridor H or at D23. All in total, both of them had robust graphics, so in total, each movie appeared good.

Lets look at a video of Thanos Vs Darkseid to know Who is Stronger?

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