Thanos is Not Inevitable – 5 Characters who Made Mighty Thanos Taste Defeat all on their Own !!

It demanded an army of Avengers to hold Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, but the comics have observed amazing MCU characters that settle the Mad Titan on their own.

Thanos getting Man-handled !

Several characters have remained strong single-handedly in destroying Thanos, including a few who have previously performed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Here are five warriors from the MCU who have defeated Thanos in the comic world. 

Adam Warlock

Worlock has yet to appear in the MCU in his full form, the end credits for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 confirms Adam Warlock’s existence

In comics, Adam Warlock is one of Thanos’ most productive antagonists, being capable of outsmarting the Mad Titan, deceiving him into getting off his gauntlet in the now-iconic Infinity Gauntlet saga curve, which encouraged the happenings in Infinity War. The golden star later works the gauntlet to loosen all of the loss and devastation produced by Mad Titan, returning the universe to its natural state. 


Peter Quill is originally much more powerful, and he could easily defeat Thanos using his Celestial powers

The Guardians of the Galaxy have performed facing off Thanos many times in the comics. In one case, the team’s head, Star-Lord, crushingly destroys Thanos applying the Cosmic Solid, settling the Mad Titan into a stupor. This is all important considering the point that, unlike his cinematic complement, the ironic Star-Lord is not half-Celestial and is just slightly more important than a person in top condition.


Drax fights his way through an army of insect drones to reach Thanos

Drax The Assassin has a distinct comic book foundation account. In the comics, he worked to be Arthur Douglas, a person whose vitality was moved into a superior body by the cosmic being Kronos after the Mad Titan destroyed Arthur’s group. This enhanced form, which has superhuman powers like super energy, extreme flexibility, and effort, is done for the single goal of destroying Thanos.


Despite being one of the strongest characters in the MCU, Thor does not have the best track record against Thanos

Through times of struggle and slaying threatening knaves, the God of Thunder has developed a fame for himself as one of the toughest fighters in the Marvel Universe. However, one knave who has always earned a higher hand versus Thor is Thanos. 


LockJaw talents haven’t been explored enough to know if he has the power to pull off a similar stunt in the MCU using the Infinity Stones

Lockjaw is recognized for holding the Inhumans’ royal house pet. He is a feature of another superhero club: The Pet Avengers. The Pet Avengers, whose program involves Falcon’s goose Redwing and Throg, collects the Infinity Gems on Lockjaw’s clothes, letting him resist Thanos before catching the Mad Titan in a different dimension.

Here’s a video of the genesis of the mad Titan, Thanos

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