Thanos Vs Deviants: Who’s More Powerful?

Eternals is the 26th movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe and the final trailer gave us a glimpse of the Deviants. But how powerful are they as compared to Thanos?

Eternals is written by Jack Kirby and introduces a race of immortal beings that are powerful and have lived on Earth in shadows. However, they must now assemble again to defeat the impending threat, The Deviants who are their sworn enemies in Marvel Canon.

Eternals and Deviants: The Connection

Thanos Vs Deviants: Who's More Powerful?
Deviants and Eternals












Eternals are a beautiful contrast of Deviants. However, they both are equally powerful and near-immortal. They are created from the same thread. Celestials created both Eternals and Deviants due to their experimentation on human DNA. The movie will dive deep into this origin story and may shed some light on Thanos’ lineage in the MCU.

Are Deviants Powerful Than Thanos?

The answer is No! Although the details about Deviants are scarce, they are not so powerful as Thanos.

Thanos possesses the abilities of both Eternals and Deviants. This gives him dual power and adds that with Titan physiology, the power amplifies. Also, he has the ability to time travel so isn’t bound by a single realm. Hence, he is superior to Deviants.

Thanos Vs Deviants: Who's More Powerful?
Thanos Vs Deviants











In Marvel Comics, Thanos is Titanian Eternal born who has Deviant syndrome. Hence he has purple skin and a colossal appearance. Also, this dual genealogy gives him the abilities of Eternals such as super strength and unrivaled prescience. Whereas with Deviant syndrome he gets the ability of regeneration and vigor.

Also, the Deviants frequently have mutations that hinder their abilities rather than supporting them. They are often called “Mutates” due to their hideous appearance. Moreover, Deviants don’t have as much power as Eternals. Hence, they are considered inferior putting Thanos at least two levels above them.

Thanos Vs Deviants: Who's More Powerful?












Although, Thanos experiences defeat in Avengers: Endgame, his biggest achievement is collecting Infinity Stones. Thanos was also forced to move through realms and alternate universes to fill his quest. However, the Deviants are limited to the city of Lemuria, as shown in the Eternals trailer when a Deviant rises from the sea to attack Richard Madden’s Ikaris.

The comics show Deviants developing time travel technology, however, they will not do so in MCU anytime soon. This automatically puts Thanos above Deviants. Hence, currently, it is a moot contest.

Just as X-Men are to humans, Thanos is to Deviants. Although time will tell if Deviants get a superior position in the MCU.

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