“That show devoured like 12 marriages”: Charlie Sheen Accused ‘Two and a Half Men’ for Dooming Co-Star Melanie Lynskey’s 7 Year Marriage

It seems that despite Two and a Half Men being one of the greatest TV shows, it has numerous not-so-pleasant behind-the-scenes stories. The star of the show, Charlie Sheen got fired from the show due to various factors. By the 8th season of the show, his acting abilities went south due to his alcohol and drug addiction issues. Along with that, he also made insensitive remarks against the show creator, Chuck Lorre. All this ultimately led to his exit in 2011. Following that, he ranted and made various claims against the director. Similarly, his co-star Melanie Lynskey also seems to have had an unwelcoming experience behind the scenes. Moreover, Sheen once claimed that her divorce from her ex-husband Jimmi Simpson was the work of Lorre. Just like this, many cast members went through negative experiences while filming the show.

Charlie Sheen Claimed that Chuck Lorre Caused Melanie Lynskey’s Divorce

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen

Although he was the star of the show Two and a Half Men for a large part, Charlie Sheen’s addiction issues ultimately came in the way. And after his many anger outbursts while filming, Chuck Lorre decided to fire him from the show altogether. After that, the actor did not stop ranting about the director. He has made many claims against Lorre. And one of these claims supports what his co-star Melanie Lynskey had to say about her experience working on the show.

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Along with the lead characters, Lysnkey’s role as Rose was also a big part of the show. She worked on the show from 2003 to 2015. However, regardless of what happened on screen, it did not match what went on during the off-screen moments. After being done with the show, The Last of Us actor revealed her negative experience while working on it. According to her, she had been discouraged from working on other shows and taking on other roles. During her time working in the sitcom, she also went through her divorce from her ex-husband Jimmi Simpsons. So while ranting against the director of the show, Sheen put the blame for the divorce on Lorre. He told The Guardian,

“Look what happened to Angus [T Jones], man. Look what happened to me, look what happened to Melanie Lynskey, who’s getting divorced. That show devoured like 12 marriages.”

Melanie Lynskey
Melanie Lynskey

According to the actor, working on the show did impact the cast members’ personal lives. However, despite all of it, Lynskey’s career has been thriving as she currently stars in the HBO hit show, The Last of Us.

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A brief Look at Melanie Lynskey and Jimmi Simpson’s Divorce

Melanie Lynskey and Jimmi Simpson
Melanie Lynskey and Jimmi Simpson

Melanie Lynskey got married to her ex-husband Jimmi Simpson back in 2007. At the time she had been working on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. And although the relationship lasted 7 years, it eventually came to a bad end. They divorced in 2014 stated “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. On a positive note, over the years the former couple seems to be on amicable terms with each other. In one of her tweets, she addressed him with the word “wonderful”. And Simpson also expressed in his interviews calling Lynskey a “dear friend”. The actress got married a second time to her husband Jason Ritter.

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