That Time Green Lantern Lobo Defeated The Red Lanterns With His [Well We Can’t Say It]

The Green Lantern power Ring is touted to be the universe’s most powerful weapon. It can create literally anything out of scratch. all it needs is to feed on the wielder’s willpower. If the user wills it, almost anything can be created out of thin air. This does make for some interesting weapons of choice. From a gigantic baseball bat to a huge jack in the box, the Green Lanterns have come up with some of the most creative weapons imaginable. But none of that holds even a candle to what once our main man Lobo did when he was bestowed with such power.

And his greatest weapon he created from the Power Ring’s energy blows anything else you have seen out of the water. You think you know humor? Lobo knows it better than you!!

The idea of the Czarnian cosmic biker Lobo getting a Green Lantern Power Rings seems absurd. but it has indeed happened in the comic books. Even Superman has been deemed unworthy of wielding a Green Lantern Power Ring. So how comes the un-killable Czarnian gets to wear one? The answer lies in the Injustice universe – a parallel reality where Superman has gone evil and taken over the Earth. On the other end of the Universe we see Lobo teaming up with the Green Lanterns to stop a threat that now runs unchecked thanks to Superman no longer patrolling the cosmos.

The story nobody asked for but everybody deserved happens in the pages of Injustice 2. In this series, the Green Lanterns are fighting a losing battle with one of their worst enemies – the Red Lanterns. They are outnumbered and out-gunned. desperate times call for desperate measures. So they entrust the universe’s most powerful weapon with the universe’s most juvenile mind. All they wanted for Lobo is to help them in this war. What he ended up doing was far more creative and memorable.

The Red Lanterns intend to create an empire of rage and hatred of their won. And they have amassed a huge army. The Green Lanterns are the only thing standing to oppose them. Salaak, a fellow Green lantern, asks Lobo to join in as an immediate reinforcement to the Corps. Lobo complies. And then chaos ensures.

Lobo kicks Dex-Starr, the cutest Red Lantern ever, far into the void of outer space. He then later realizes that the Red Lanterns’ have sliced his body into two. And his most favorite body parts are no longer with him.

As payback, Lobo uses his Power Ring to recreate his happiest body organ to penetrate Atrocitus’ energy shield. Not even Atrocitus was ready for what was coming.

Lobo used the Power Ring to create a gigantic space genitalia. And he went on to defeat Atrocitus in one single thrust (that’s one hell of a stamina.) Needless to say Hal Jordan is not pleased. The level of vulgarity that runs amok in Lobo’s mind is not something to be taken lightly, something the Green Lantern realizes later. Guy Gardner on the other hand bursts out laughing.

Guy Gardner terms the entire event as “educational, but mentally scarring.”


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