“That to me is like a bar fight, I hate it”: Liam Neeson Disagrees With Dwayne Johnson, Insults Conor McGregor’s Entire UFC Career

The UFC is the largest mixed martial arts organization currently in the world and showcases some of the best talents there are in the business. The popularity of the sports is greater than ever and shows no sign of slowing down. However, Liam Neeson who is a very popular and celebrated Irish actor hates it. He completely despises it and does not bother hiding the fact.

In a recent interview with Men’s Health, he goes into more detail as to why he absolutely hates the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship logo
The Ultimate Fighting Championship logo

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Why Liam Neeson gravely disagrees with Dwayne Johnson?

It is no secret how big of a fan Dwayne Johnson is of the UFC. So much so, he considered UFC a decade ago and not WWE. But he went in the other direction because he wanted his “jaw intact”.  He still has immense respect and love for the sport and is a die-hard fan of it. However, it can be now said that Liam Neeson disagrees with The Rock to a great extent.

Dwayne Johnson in WWE
Dwayne Johnson in WWE

In a recent Men’s Health interview the actor shared his explosive views on the rudimentary sport.

“UFC I can’t stand. That to me is like a bar fight. I know the practitioners are like, ‘no, you’re wrong—the months of training we do …’ Why don’t you just grab a beer bottle and hit the other guy over the head? That’s the next stage of the UFC. I hate it.”

His words clearly depict how outdated of a sport he thinks it is. He thinks it is unruly and bizarre and cannot comprehend how grown men see no wrong with the violent sport. He also feels that the Irish community is misrepresented in the industry.  Neeson takes it a step further by insulting Conor McGregor, who is a very celebrated Irish UFC star. Liam Neeson blamed Conor McGregor for giving Ireland a bad name.

That little leprechaun Conor McGregor, he gives Ireland a bad name. I know he’s fit, and I admire him for that. But I can’t take it.”

Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson

Conor McGregor is arguably one of the most celebrated UFC stars in the world. So of course, his fans as well as the UFC admirers are furious by his comments.

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Conor McGregor on being called a ” little leprechaun”

The man is one of the best in the game and he knows it. Conor McGregor does not need words to prove anything to anyone, his career is enough to do so. Therefore, in response to Liam Neeson’s vile comments, he kept his response sweet and simple. Although it can’t be said for sure if his recent tweet was in the repose of the comments against him but it is speculated so.

Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor

He said the following in his tweet,


One thing which can be concluded for sure from his tweet is that he indeed is a proud Irish man. The man has done so much for his native place and in turn, Ireland also recognizes his act to be a noble one.

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Source: Men’s Health

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