‘That’s a Lamborghini, Not a Barbie’: Kim K Coats World’s 2nd Fastest SUV With Fluffy ‘Lambskin’, Gets Trolled

Kim K is kinda prone to controversies and ironic is we are not surprised – at all. Be that her allegedly ruining Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress or her relationship with Kanye West. Recently, she posted stories on Instagram calling her ex-husband Kanye West the best dad ever. One cannot overlook the headlines they were part of calling each other names and Kim K opening up about how toxic their relationship got at one point. Ye, however, seems to have made peace – one can guess that looking at his Instagram account but the infamous Kardashian is not immune to heated discussions.

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

And this time, it’s her luxurious car. The celeb covered her prized Urus with lambskin. If you’re wondering why she dared to perform such a horrible act, the simple explanation is that it is a marketing plan for his underwear and outerwear brand, Skims.

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Fans troll Kim K for covering her Lamborghini Urus with Lambskin

Kim K with her 'Little Lamb-Bo'
Kim K with her ‘Little Lamb-Bo’

Kim made a clever connection to her “Lamb-Bo” in a series of Instagram photographs that show her new Lamborghini Urus almost totally coated in a soft material that looks like lamb skin. The interior – seats and steering wheel were also covered in this material, which goes with several outfits, giving the interior as well as the bodywork this sheepish appearance. Luckily, this appears to be a temporary transformation since the performance of this Italian SUV will not be compromised, as the air intakes are obstructed.

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Fans trolled Kim at best for her very absurd choice to transform the world’s 2nd fastest SUV.

Being a social butterfly might be a really difficult task to carry out all the time. But surprisingly Ye’s ex seems to do that effortlessly, No matter good or bad, she never steps back from being a part of headlines.

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