‘That’s couple of the year right there’: Rapper Blueface Offers $100K to Partner Chrisean Rock To Leave Him Alone After Viral Video Shows Rock Brutally Beating Up The Rapper

A video has surfaced online that shows rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock having an altercation on the streets of Los Angeles. A bystander captured the two throwing punches at each other to the point where they both were on the floor and it appears that Blueface was trying to avoid the fight as he kept walking away but Chrisean Rock kept following him.

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Blueface and Chrisean Rock had an altercation on Hollywood Boulevard

The video went viral on social media

The video, which was recorded by a bystander, went viral on social media. In the video, rapper Blueface and his girlfriend Chrisean Rock had an altercation that escalated to the point where the two were on the floor on the streets of Los Angeles. The rapper also pulled a piece of jewelry which was around Chrisean Rock’s neck.

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Blueface wanted to escape from Chrisean Rock

The video shows the two throwing punches at each other

Blueface didn’t want to fight as he was clearly trying to walk away but Chrisean Rock kept following him and then the two started throwing punches at each other. As things got out of hand, many on-lookers tried to separate the two. The two left by the time LAPD showed up on the scene. No one is sure if the couple decides to press charges on each other, however, the LAPD will still be setting up a crime report.

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Blueface offered Chrisean Rock $100,000 to leave him alone

Blueface later offered her $100,000 to leave him alone

The rapper later posted a video showing his injuries from the fight and shows Chrisean Rock, who covered herself with a blanket and was quiet throughout the video. Then the rapper asks her what would it take for her to leave him alone and then offered her $100,000 to end their relationship. In the video, he also stated that he went through Chrisean Rock’s phone and claims he found out she was talking to several other men. However, Chrisean Rock denied it.

This was not the first time Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been in the headlines, the two have also been arrested, caught up in vehicle theft, and have had several other encounters with the police.

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