“That’s gotta be rough”: Jennifer Lopez’s Rude Persona Bleeds Into Her Family Life After Fans Claim She’s Not a Great Step-Mother to Ben Affleck’s Kids With Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Lopez has pretty much accomplished everything. She has successfully dominated the big screen, appearing in a wide range of films, including Out of Sight, The Wedding Planner, Hustlers, Selena, and, well, Gigli. Even though she is very busy, Lopez has added being a mother to her list of responsibilities.

In addition to being outstanding in her career, Jennifer Lopez appears to be a wonderful mother to her kids. But did she outperform that motherly role when it came to having the responsibilities of being a stepmom as well?

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Most people initially visualize a bad version of the parental figure when they think of a stepmother. A woman who, either intentionally or unintentionally, attempts to assume the motherly role or who does not treat them as her own kids.

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Is Jennifer Lopez A Bad Stepmother To Ben Affleck’s Children? 

There have been claims made about Jennifer Lopez’s restrictions on speaking with the media throughout her career. These regulations cover things like- not talking to flight attendants, refusing to take the stage if she won’t have specific items before a concert, or refusing to check into a hotel if her wish lists aren’t met. 

Once these accusations have been made, though, it can be challenging to refute them and even more challenging to present herself as a devoted parent, stepmother, and role model for her biological or adopted children.

And as a result, even though there are no reports indicating that there is conflict at home, Lopez still finds herself up against it when it comes to her relationship with her husband, Ben Affleck’s children, in the media. 

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Due to her reputation for being “rude,” critics often question whether Jennifer Lopez makes a good stepmother.

A Reddit user once said,

“I think it’s problematic that this is the second family she’s moved her kids in within a few years. Like imagine having to live with a completely new family for the third time? That’s gotta be rough.”

Critics still struggle to accept the fact that Lopez makes a good stepmother despite all the evidence to the contrary. Putting themselves in the shoes of her children and previously reported antics, whether they were true or not, seem to be the main causes of much of this.

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This Is Not Her First Role as a ‘Stepmom’

Taking on the responsibilities of a stepmother is not easy. It requires the cooperation of the children’s biological mother, a dedication to the children over the long term, and the children’s acceptance of the new mother in their lives. Not only has the Hustlers actress played this part since she married Ben Affleck, but she has also done so twice before. 

Lopez is not someone who avoids falling in love. She has therefore broken off her engagements in both of her previous engagements and marriages twice. Lopez was a stepmother or a stepmother figure twice during those relationships.

Bennifer with each other' children
Bennifer with each other’s children

Consequently, she has some knowledge of how to successfully build a relationship with her partner’s children.

Whether it was with Marc Antony’s four children or Alex Rodriguez’s two, she always made sure the kids had a happy home life. As a result, Lopez’s stepchildren have never complained that she has been rude or uncaring toward them, which may surprise some of her critics who think her on-stage persona or rumored bad behavior toward others is how she treats ‘everyone’.

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