“That’s my boy”: Rapper 50 Cent Begrudgingly Accepts Eminem Supremacy as Slim Shady Star Became Most Viewed Artist on YouTube in 2022

American rapper Curtis James Jackson III, professionally known as 50 Cent, announced in January 2022 that his next album would be his last full-length release. Despite releasing more mixtapes, the hip-hop artist announced he wouldn’t be retiring from the music industry. His last solo album was Animal Ambition, released in 2014 individually. In 2023, 50 Cent confirmed that he would release new music in a tweet congratulating Eminem for being YouTube’s most-watched rapper in 2022.


50 Cent made many collaborations and launched mixtapes in the past few years, but he announced that he is coming with new music, TV, and a new movie this year. However, he praised his white boy Eminem for his 2022’s entitlement as the 50-year-old rapper’s music videos received five billion views on YouTube during 2022.

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50 Cent Praises Eminem But Challenges Him At The Same Time

While 50 Cent has not confirmed if he will release an album this year, the music and film mogul has confirmed he will. On Twitter yesterday, the In Da Club rapper congratulated Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known as Eminem, for becoming YouTube’s 2022 most-watched rapper. Using a picture from HipHop24x7’s news article, the rapper informed his followers about the upcoming release of new music, a new TV show, and a new movie.

50 Cent and Eminem
50 Cent and Eminem

He tweeted, “That’s my Boy; I’m gonna remind people I’m nice this year.  New Music, New Tv, New movie, let’s go! http://gunitbrands.com”

The public, however, has not spared the rapper for praising or warning Eminem, and has started criticizing him as well, also, many of the people are excited about the announcement of the rapper’s new music coming out later this year.

The diversity of 50 Cent’s portfolio in the entertainment industry is quite impressive. Under Dr. Dre and Eminem’s wings, the Queens businessman rose to fame as a hip-hop star in the early 2000s and expanded into acting by the 2010s. Besides his multi-million-selling rap albums, the rapper 50 is responsible for some of the best action and crime shows, such as Power.

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Eminem Entitled Most Viewed Artist On YouTube In 2022

According to Hip Hop All Day, on New Year’s Day, Eminem’s music has received over 5 billion plays on YouTube in the past 12 months alone. In 2022, the Detroit rapper didn’t release a new album, but he recently released the 20-year anniversary deluxe edition of his 8 Mile (2002) soundtrack.

Eminem 1

January 1, Hip Hop All Day tweeted,

“Eminem was the most viewed rapper on YouTube in 2022 with over 5 BILLION plays. He had nearly double the views of 2nd place despite being 25 years into his career!”

With 3 billion plays, Doja Cat ranked second, Drake and NBA YoungBoy tied with 2.9 billion, and Lil Baby finished fifth with 2.1 billion. Despite uploading only six videos to his YouTube channel in 2022, 50 Cent ranked 11th on the list with 1.8 billion views. Eminem has more than 54.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he has shared only 140 videos. The Lose Yourself rapper also has over 37 million Instagram followers, but he doesn’t follow any of them back. Eminem is followed on social media by high-profile celebrities like Snoop Dogg and others.

In November, Eminem paid subtle homage to the 2002 cult classic 8 Mile with a limited-edition comic book cover. According to TMZ, Mekhi Phifer, Eminem’s co-star in 8 Mile, denied the sequel possibilities of the movie. Although his music career has had its ups and downs since the film’s release in November 2002, Eminem is still widely recognized as a hip-hop legend.

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