“That’s not a good excuse”: Pamela Anderson Blames Young Actresses For Letting Harvey Weinstein Taking Advantage Of Them, Claims Her Mom Taught Her Different Brand Of Feminism

Actress Pamela Anderson’s recent statements about the Harvey Weinstein controversy have caused outrage. She recently decided to add fuel to fire when she was asked about the controversial statement she made in 2017 amid the #MeToo movement. In December 2017, when news about Harvey Weinstein’s wrongdoings came into the limelight, the actress made comments that seemed like an attack on the victims.

She recently stated that she could “take that a step further” and used her mother’s teaching to explain her stance on the situation, however, she later admitted that it was a horrible thing to say.

Pamela Anderson gave a controversial opinion amid the #MeToo movement

Pamela Anderson
Canadian-American actress Pamela Anderson

Back in November 2017, actress Pamela Anderson talked about her own interaction with the now-convicted felon, Harvey Weinstein. The actress told host Megyn Kelly during an interview,

“You know what you’re getting into if you go to a hotel room alone.” Kelly then stated that sometimes it’s the agents who set up those meetings, to which the actress replied, “I’d go with them! Send somebody with them. That’s what they should’ve done. I just think there’s easy ways to remedy that. That’s not a good excuse.

The comment caused a huge backlash as people accused her of blaming the victims. Now, the actress has decided to double down as she talked about the situation again.

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The actress says she could “take that a step further

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Anderson recently gave an interview for Interview magazine and was asked by the host, Ronan Farrow, whether she feels that the 2017 statement was “a healthy thought to introduce into the dialogue at that point.” The actress defended her opinion stating,

“I could even take it a step further. My mother would tell me — and I think this is the kind of feminism I grew up with — it takes two to tango. ‘If someone answers the door in a hotel robe and you’re going for an interview, don’t go in. But if you do go in, get the job.'”

The actress once again caused outrage as she continued to blame the victims even after Harvey Weinstein was proven to be guilty of his horrible acts.

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Pamela Anderson admitted that it was “a horrible thing to say

Pamela Anderson.
Pamela Anderson

The actress, however, later admitted in the interview that it was “a horrible thing to say” and praised the #MeToo movement for all the big changes that it has caused. She said,

“But I think a lot of people don’t have that or they weren’t taught that. Thank God for the #MeToo movement because things have changed and people are much more careful and respectful.”

The actress has been a victim of s*xual abuse as a child and once claimed that she learned to never put herself in those situations again. In her 2017 interview, she bluntly stated that it is “common knowledge to avoid certain people” in the entertainment industry.

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Source: Interview Magazine

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