10 Canceled DC Movies That Would Have Changed Everything

If you have been living under a rock and somehow didn’t know about the DCEU and their amazing projects, then you are missing out. These awesome superheroes and elite villains come to life in the movies and fans can’t get enough of them. The characters and their interesting backgrounds makes these stories even more memorable.

The DC Extended Universe or some might also know it as the Snyderverse, is all set to release the long awaited movies like the The Flash, The Suicide Squad and Black Adam. Fans are all excited and can’t wait to watch their favorite movies. DCEU has always been an interesting and entertaining universe to watch and the story arcs and the crazy plots makes them super addictive.

But all the diehard fans know, there are still some movies that Warner Bros has teased in the past but we never got to see them as they got cancelled. Some fans were pretty disappointed but some fans do not mind the cancellation.

But have you ever wondered what would have happened to the DC Universe if all these cancelled projects were released? How the universe and all the storylines would have changed? Many characters might be dead by now. But it would also lead to the introduction of some new characters in the universe. But you don’t have to worry about it at all, as these movies were cancelled and never going to make their debut on the big screen.

Here is a list of 10 DCEU movies that would have changed everything but they got cancelled.

1.  Movie On The New Gods Series

Ava DuVernay was signed to direct the New Gods movie based on the series that was created by the Jack Kirby. The New Gods was supposed to be the movie to directly expand the backstory of one of the greatest comic villains of all time, Darkseid. But after Zack Snyder’s Justice League’s release, Warner Bros decided to cancel it. They announced that there will be no New Gods movie. And some fans were disappointed as they wanted to know more about their favorite villain Darkseid.

2. Green Lantern 2

Fans still joke about the CGI Green Lantern suit on Ryan and we cannot blame them. It was one of the most memed superhero suit of all time. Warner Bros had really high hopes for the movie and they even had the sequel all planned out. But unfortunately the movie didn’t performed well amongst the fans and critics also didn’t like it. Warner wanted to create a full trilogy and even connect it to the upcoming Man of Steel. That didn’t work quite well and Green Lantern is now just a joke amongst the fans.

3. Justice League 2

When Warner Bros cancelled the Justice League 2, the Snyder fans were devastated. Warner Bros has already planned the second and third part with Zack Snyder. But after the stale reaction from the audience for the release of Batman vs Superman, Warner Bros just cancelled the other two parts and made just one Justice League. And when Snyder left, fans noticed how Warner Bros started dismantling the Snyderverse and some fans are not happy about it.

4. Batman vs Superman

DC has always planned and teased a lot of cool movie ideas but never actually released them. A ton of movies have been planned between the release of Batman & Robin (1997) and Batman Begins (2005), but they never got the chance to hit the big screen. Fans never got to know the reasons. Batman vs Superman would have made its debut before Batman Begins and Superman Returns, and almost ten years before Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. The story follows the death Batman and Superman’s closest allies and Lex Luthor trying to make them fight each other. But Warner Bros cancelled the movie because the movie was “too dark”.

5. Justice League Mortal

Real fans know that Warner Bros first attempted to make a Justice League movie around 2007. The movie was named Justice League Mortal, and was planned to hit the big screen in ‘Summer 2009’. Mad Max series creator, George Miller was directing the movie and it was all set to hit the market. But after the Writers Strike and the huge success of The Dark Knight Warner Bros decided to cancel the project and the rest is history.

6. Harley Quinn Vs The Joker / Gotham City Sirens

It doesn’t matter if you are a DC fan or not, everyone knows about the infamous couple of Harley Quinn and The Joker. After the huge success of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros was planning to release numerous movies with Harley Quinn as the main character. And fans got pretty excited as they thought that they are also gonna get a second part of the Suicide Squad movie. But that didn’t happened and fans are still waiting for it.

7. Mitchell & Lord’s The Flash

Unlike the Cyborg movie, the Flash movie didn’t see the light of the day because it was unable to get a director. Warner Bros. have been trying to produce a flash movie. And the DCEU has gone through multiple directors. But now it seems like we might finally get a Flash movie.

8. Superman Lives

We all know about the 90’s reboot of Superman. It was supposed to star Nicholas Cage as the Man of steel, and was supposed to follow the “Death of Superman” graphic novel and would feature Brainiac, Lex Luthor and even Doomsday. It had development issues, and Superman Returns was released instead.

9. Cyborg

Way back in 2014, Warner Bros. had bigger plans with Batman vs. Superman, and Justice League as a two parter, and Aquaman, Wonder Woman and The Flash solar movies. But the lot included a Cyborg movie as well. But it was ultimately cancelled, probably because Warner bros. did not have the confidence in the character and due to the Actor Ray Fisher’s high-profile allegations against the studio. If the movie were to come out, we would’ve known more about Cyborg and his main adversary Grid.

10. Ben Affleck’s The Batman

A Batman movie is a big deal. And shortly after the release of Justice League, Warner Bros. confirmed that they’ll be releasing a solo Batman movie. And they even teased the main villain in the post credit scene of Justice League – Deathstroke played by Joe Manganiello. It was suspected the Riddler would be in it too. Though if it were the case, The Matt Reeves’ Batman movie and GCPD series would’ve not happened. 

DCEU never fails to impress and fans are crazy about all their projects. Let’s see what DCEU has to offer with the upcoming movies and don’t forget to tell us in the comments which cancelled movie surprised you the most.

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