The 10 Greatest Ways to Travel in the Marvel Universe 

Traveling and getting around in the world of Marvel can be a bit of a challenge, given that there’s so

much of it to explore. There are also threats- HYDRA, AIM, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and a legion of other villains. How does one get around? What can help people escape dangers?

How does one get from one point  A to point B in this wild, wonderful world? Here are the 10 greatest

ways to travel in the Marvel Universe.


The Fantasticar

First up, we have the famous Fantastica, a staple of The Fantastic Four stories. Affectionately referred to as the “flying bathtub” it is the primary mode of transport of the Fantastic Four. Used for inner-city transportation, it has multiple versions ranging from MK-I to MK-III. Capable of splitting up into four sections, and flying across cities, it is a fine way to travel.



When you’re an Avenger and time is of the essence, if you can’t fly or have your transportation- the Quinjet is it. The Quinjet, short for the quintuple or 5 jet thrusters was originally designed and manufactured by the Wakanda design group. It can fly between 9500-11000 miles depending on the payload. The first version flew at a speed of Mach 2 with later versions flying faster and capable of interstellar travel.



Created interestingly by 3 heroes- Tony Stark, Reed Richards, and the mutant called Forge, this aspect of the Helicarrier’s origins was not revealed until much later. The Helicarrier is a massive construct that is the base for SHIELD and its operatives. Boasting of some of the most advanced weaponry and cloaking technology, these massive technological leviathans stand ready when SHIELD is called to protect the Earth.


Armored Suits

Flying through the air in suits made by the hands of a certified futurist doesn’t necessarily sound like a bad idea. Tony Stark’s armored suits are a staple of the Marvel universe. Iron Man suits have been worn by various heroes. The technology that a single suit contains is astounding. Stark technology is among the most advanced technologies on the planet. With armors that can take on gods and even the Phoenix Force itself, flying through the air will be a literal and figurative breeze.


Krakoan Gateways

The Mutants have risen. Their home? The sentient island of Krakoa. The mutants do have the best mode of transportation. Krakoan gateways are flowers that grow into portals. Flowers can be planted at any location around the world and even off it. The Blue area of the moon, the Amazon Rainforest, Mojoworld, Los Angeles, Island M, and Ohio are just some of the locations where there are active Krakoan gateways.


Taa- II

Traveling across the universe can be a bit of a problem. Not if you’re Galactus though. Taa-II or the worldship is built on the remains of the first planet Galactus consumed, called Archepoia. Given its size, the worldship consumed the entire Archeopian solar system. The Worldship is so large that there are even planets and moons that are caught in its gravitational pull. The ship also houses powerful alien weaponry and beasts that are kept in captivity.


The Blackbird

Before the X-Men became a mutant nation and left for Krakoa, their Westchester home housed their iconic Blackbird jet. Capable of a host of offensive and stealth capabilities, with features that could amplify the abilities of the X-Men, it truly was a glorious machine. It enabled the X-Men to turn invisible to extract and rescue mutants in need.


Moon Knight’s Helicopter

Picture this: you’re carrying out the work of Lord Khonshu, lord of the Moon. Your transport? It’s a white, custom-built, crescent-shaped helicopter. Its top speed is 220 miles per hour, reaches an altitude of 10,000 feet, and has a range of 1000 miles.  It also has two mounted cannons in the front, perfect for taking out criminals if they turn violent or become too much to handle. It also has noise-suppressing technology, capable of turning it into a stealth vehicle.


The Hellcycle

Before you say anything, you have to admit that while losing your soul, you will however gain something that is amazingly fuel-efficient. The hellcycle can reach blindingly fast speeds. Combined with that speed, the Ghost Rider can maneuver the bike, making sharp turns at a second’s notice, even scaling walls with ease. Powered by the fuel of hell and vengeance, demonic possession might not seem like a bad thing anymore.


The Silver Surfer’s Board

This is admittedly the coolest looking wat to travel. Imagine having the ability to surf through the galaxies, through star clusters, surf black waves and so much more. Norrin Radd’s board is more than just a transportation device. Imbued with the power cosmic, it can take on any shape or form, allowing him to switch from offense to defense in a split second, should there be any danger.


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