The 10 Most Badass Versions of Wonder Woman Across the Multiverse

William Moulton Marston created Wonder Woman in 1941. Marston was a revolutionary psychologist who developed the lie detector. His creation has become a feminist icon, inspiring millions of young girls and women. Numerous writers have lent their takes to Diana of Themiscyra giving us some badass versions of the goddess of truth. Here are 10 badass versions of Wonder Woman:


10. Justice Riders (Earth-18)

Marshal Diana Prince teams up with outlaw Wally West, the Maverick Booster Gold and the mad inventor Ted Kord to take down criminal mastermind Maxwell Lord. Along the way, they encounter John Jones and Katar Hol who join their justice riders. Pinkerton detective Guy Gardner is meanwhile on the trail of Wally West.



9. Donna Troy (Earth-15)

Donna Troy succeeded her mentor Diana Prince as the Wonder Woman of Earth-15. Jason Todd and Kyle Rayner also replaced their respective mentors on this Earth. Zod succeeded superman as the planet’s protector.


8. Brunhilde (Earth-10)

In this Nazi-dominated universe, Brunhilde the Valkyrie is the Wonder Woman of this Earth. She aided the Nazis win the Second World War and establish a Nazi reign over planet earth. Chilling.


7. Wonder Woman: Amazonia (Earth-34)

In a Victorian-Era story, Wonder Woman’s appearance is on an Earth where there are marked differences it British Royal Family in terms of its history. Captain Steve Trevor is a villain who captures and forcibly marries Diana. Diana is forced into servitude, She breaks out, reclaims herself and marries Prince Charles (no we’re not joking about that).


6. Maria Mendoza

Created by Stan Lee, the Wonder Woman of Earth-6 is Maria Mendoza, a judge’s daughter who is handed the staff of Tapac-Yauri, the staff of the sun god. This weapon turned her into a celestial Incan being of great power.

5. Nubia (Earth-23)

Nubia is from Earth-23. It is a world that is dominated by heroes who are people of colour. Their president, Calvin Ellis is secretly Superman. Nubia’s Amazons forge highly advanced technology that are instruments of peace. She is a fierce fighter and very protective of the causes she fights for.

4. Bekka (Justice League: Gods and Monsters)

The beautiful New Genesian is Wonder Woman of a world whose heroes aren’t what they say they are. Batman is a Vampiric scientist, Kirk Langstrom and Superman is the son of Zod, raised by poor immigrants.



3. Wonder Woman (Dead Earth)

Trapped in a grim future with Earth now a nuclear mutated wasteland, Diana must liberate the land from the hands of mutated conquerors and her own people. It also has Diana using Superman’s skull and spine as a devastating weapon in a climactic battle.


2. DC One Million


Grant Morrison is known for creating and taking concepts to new extremes and pushing the boundaries of comic book writing. In 853 century, Wonder Woman is a living statue created by the Amazons that carries the spirit of the goddess of truth. It is a nice nod to her origin as she was originally made from clay and given life.

1. Kingdom Come

One of the most iconic versions of Wonder Woman, this militant, hardline stance of Wonder Woman is an absolute badass. She even wields a magic sword that cuts atoms. Better Watch out Superman!

ishvar mohan
ishvar mohan

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