The 6 Strongest Street Fighter Characters, Ranked

Now, Animated Times is preparing a list of the most powerful Street Fighter characters ever. For this list, we will be keeping glued to characters who made their appearance as playable fighters in at least one Street Fighter game, even if they were genuinely Street Fighter Characters.


This character who made his debut in Street Fighter 2, is a patriotic fighter and one of the franchise’s most recognizable heroes. Even though he just wants to “go home and be a family man,” Guile has devoted himself to taking down M. Bison and Shadaloo and avenging and/or rescuing his friend Charlie Nash. While his hair might defy gravity, this all-American hero always fights with the attitude of a military.

Guile is dependent on remedial, agility-based movements like his popular Sonic Boom and the high-flying spinning Flash Kick. Even though he’s an extremely great fighter, Guile has the ability to hold his own hands against powerhouse fighters like M. Bison. Obviously, if this list was ranked by who has the best theme song, Guile would definitely win.


Chun-li is an extremely awesome character. Ever since Street Fighter 2 created her one of the most gaming’s first major female heroes, the self-defined “strongest women in the world” has been a part of one of the franchise’s fiercest competitors. Driven by her desire to avenge her father, Chun-Li’s unending efforts to take down M. Bison are one of Street Fighter’s most compelling stories.


Quite like many Street Fighter veterans, Guy originally made his debut in 1989’s Final Fight, Capcom’s classic beat-em-up game. After defeating hundreds of criminals in Metro City, this master became a part of the street fighter franchise with 1995’s Street Fighter Alpha.

While his Final Fight allies were dependent on fighting techniques, Guy is a fast, technically precise fighter who’s right at home in the Street Fighter Universe. Even though he doesn’t have any extreme powers, Guy has defeated the Bushinryu grandmaster Zeku and held his own against the weirdly strong Cody. He could even be strong enough to defeat M. Bison with his strong fists and expertise skills in fighting.


Charlie Nash is the Winter Soldier of the Street Fighter universe. Before he disappeared fighting M. Bison, Charlie was Guile’s adviser and closest friend in the military. While the details of his death have altered in the course of time, M. Bison or his forces were responsible for Charlie’s doom at some point in the past. After debuting as a playable character in the 1995 prequel Street Fighter Alpha, Nash returned as a resurrected Frankenstein-esque fighter in 2016’s Street Fighter V.

Quite like Guile himself, even Charlie can utilize the Sonic Boom and be dependent on agile moves like the Sonic Scythe Kick. Although he is half a zombie, Charlie can defeat Guile and Chun-Li without much hassle. In SFV, Charlie even syphoned off some of M. Bison’s Psycho Power in battle.


Dhalsim is totally Street Fighter’s most flexible warrior. Since the yoga master made his debut in Street Fighter II, Dhalsim’s flexible fighting style has made him the favourite fighter among his fans. In the Street Fighter universe, Dhalsim is usually showcased as a pacifist who only fights for the benefit of others.


Urien has some extremely incredible fighting powers although not in the list. When he was made to meet with us in 1997’s Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, he was the younger brother of the game’s big bad, Gill \. As the second-in-command of Street Fighter’s Illuminati organization, Urien has tried to conquer the world by amidst other things, bringing Charlie Nash to life.

With his control over electricity and metal, Urien has the ability to blend his daunting physical attacks with fantastic superhuman moves. While his Metallic Sphere fireball attack isn’t anything to mess with, Urien’s destructive Aegis Reflector can kidnap his opponents and reflect their attacks. While he’s lost close wars to Chun-Li, Urien took down Charlie without much difficulty.

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