The Adam Project: Should You Watch It?

Netflix’s The Adam Project starring Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo excited many Marvel fans (and even us; we won’t deny this!). The film is a light and maybe clever watch and PG-13! It’s about Adam (duh) who is a pilot from the future and is traveling back in time to prevent a certain event from happening.

But he ended up going way further in the past than he originally intended to! Adam has to now take help from his 12-year-old self who is a science nerd and is often bullied. He is living with his mother and both are coping with the loss of his father who died in an accident. By meeting his 12-year-old self he is risking time paradox!

The Adam Project
A still from the film

In Terms of The Film in General

The Adam Project
Some Marvel References In the Picture

This movie doesn’t redefine the genre in any way. And it’s the generic Netflix film wherein there’s a backstory of some sort and they will waste some time there. Young Adam lives with his mom in a house with glass walls and it’s in the deep woods.

The film has a great cast! Joining Mark and Ryan are Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener, Walker Scobell, and Jennifer Garner. Walker Scobell plays the younger Adam and Ryan and Walker have amazing chemistry which you will appreciate!

It’s a decent film and they have even paid homage to golden films such as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Fight of the Navigator, and even Back to the Future.

Is it any different than Ryan Reynolds’ previous films?

The Adam Project
Ryan Reynolds with Walker Scobell

Ryan Reynolds is a complete package! He is handsome, funny and has good looks! We have seen him choosing roles that have similarities like humor, charm, and some banter. It’s like he has just become Deadpool in real life.

His roles in The Hitman’s Bodyguard, Red Notice, The Proposal, and even in Deadpool films have essentially felt the same. He did try a different kind of project with Free Guy where he plays a computer-generated cipher in a background video game character whose name is literally Guy. But that movie didn’t really hit well with the fans.

How did Ryan do in The Adam Project?

The Adam Project
 Young Adam and Big Adam

Ryan plays his usual roles aka being funny, handsome, and charismatic. He did a pretty great job in the film. he has some emotional films which were quite different to watch since we are usually used to seeing him being hilarious. It felt sort of like he was taking some risks with this scene and it paid off!

Additionally the fact there are two Adams and Reynolds pairing with Scobell has looked really good. While Walker Scobell has done a terrific job, the way Ryan Reynolds has given the young kid his space to shine despite being in the same frame is really commendable.

The film is average and sort of generic and maybe you would find yourself scrolling your phone or maybe cleaning your desk while the movie plays in the background. So in case you are looking for something to laze off an afternoon with your kids, then maybe you can watch it! Also, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner are back after so many years so maybe you could watch it for them!

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